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New Countries(FOE

  • Catalonia (real life country)
  • Donetsk (real life country (oblast in Ukraine)
  • Kurdistan (real life country)
  • Serborania
  •  Narwoy (Narvic)
  • Zapadland
  • Rumnja
  • Iniut Empire
  • Celticland?
  • Balkan Empire
  • Europa Germania
  • Normadian Empire
  • Ruso Empire

New Countries(AHOE)

Other(Create a Europe)

  • Itluma

New Countries(HONE)

  • Evil Italy
  • Papal Italy
  • Kaki Germany
  • Pontus Empire
  • some nations in germany
  • Wusterland
  • Svelville
  • Zadar
  • Kulminia
  • Empire of Egypt

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