This page is organization of mappers who join the New World Collaboration by 99batran.

Natives Stats - So there won't be more than one native with same number

Canon (Official) Participants


Limit: 10 Youtube Channels (Full)

  • 99batran
  • EthanConquistador
  • SuperMind1337
  • starring94
  • Tolf
  • GanDaiMe
  • MrOwnerandPwner
  • Redirect
  • Zephyrus
  • Multi


These are people put in reserve for the New World Series.

  • Pezminer12 (confirmed by Batran)


  • Main Antagonist: Master (Created by 99batran) (Alexis Font- Condital or "Alexis Condensed Italic")
  • Secondary Antagonists: Siezon (Created by MOAP) (Xirod Font), Galloth (Created by Goldenrebel25)(Earth Kid font)

Funfact: All the antagonists have 6 letters in their name, well almost all of them. We have 3 antagonists. Illuminati confirmed.


New World Information

  • World name: Gaia (or Negaia to some)
  • Size: 13.4 Earths (170742 Km) (Super Earth)
  • Gravity: Strangely between 9.75 to 10
  • Continents: 13
  • Oceans: Unknown (15?-20?)
  • Natives/Culture:

It appears that the Natives would vary from Early to Late Renaissance technology depending on their continent or location (before they are influenced by Earthling culture). The Strange part that they are humans but with different languages.

So far, the natives will bare numbers instead of letters. For Example, "18" or "62". The Natives would turn into letters if they are influenced by Earthling Culture. For example, From "18" to "Eighteen" or "62" to "SixtyTwo". Here is the complicated part; The Numbers from 0-9 would that is influenced by Earthling Culture ( would have different classification. For Example, 4 would have "Kartefour" While 6 would have "Soxisix".

The Native system are assigned to it's classification number, and are devoted to the Russia-like country called "The Master". Numbers 0-9 are Elite Nations and are mainly bodyguards of the Master, Numbers 10-30 are Scouts/Hunters/Gatherer Nations, Numbers from 31-100 Are Soldiers/ Military Nations, 101-130 are puppet nations so they are kinda like colonies and suck resources out of continents and make the basis for overseas trade networks. There is about 10 Natives for every continent. So it is almost impossible to not encounter one eventually. If they are influenced by Earthling Human culture, they would be classified as "Rogue Nations". To which they adopt the values of liberty, Freedom, and Justice. So they will be fiercely loyal to the Earthling Humans than the Gaian Humans, depending on the nation.

Their fate (some of them actually) is up to you. Whether you enslave them, Help them, or kill them off. NOTE: THIS WORLD WOULD BE BASED ON FANTASY AND ALSO PARTLY INSPIRED BY ELDERSCROLLS: SKYRIM. SUCH AS IT HAS DRAGONS, GRIFFONS, (possibly) FAIRIES, TROLLS, ORCS etc.

Also this world is different. So the air has a different density, so technology such as communication would travel differently, disabling the humans who enter it greatly.

Yes this world has "magic" if you want.

Another Note: Earth Humans will have WW1 to WW2 Technology, as the world is different so they must develop different weapons. We do this because so that no continent can outmatch the other


Concept of Earthling Humans after adapting on Gaia(from IronGrip Warlord)


This is used to remain insync with other participants THIS IS OUTDATED

GA8 = Great Awakening/ 8th Era (Year on Gaia)
# = Original year from your Earth
ADM = Ethan's time unit (After Dimensional Travel)
TE = Goldenrebel's time unit (Third Era)
  • (99batran)(#4000 AD) 1 GA8: 99batran's Humans arrives on Gaia, and calls it "Negaia". On the continent of Epona.
  • (Zephyrus)(#2787 AD) 1 GA8: Zephyrus' humans arrive on Negaia on the continent of Ekestor.
  • (EthanConquistador)(1800 AQA)(3 ADM): Ethan's European Human-Qual Hybrid? arrives on Gaia. Tagah.
  • (EthanConquistador)(#2340? AD) (1 ADM) 1 GA8: Ethan's Humans arrives on Gaia, and calls it "Gaia". Which would be the common name. On the continent of Tagah.
  • (Goldenrebel25)(175 SE) 1GA8: Golden's humans arrive on Gaia, on the Continent of Zarabar.
  • (Zukas)(Unknown) 1GA8: Zukas' Humans arrives on Gaia, on the Continent of Solar Apex.
  • (starring94)(#2310 AD) 3 GA8: starring94's humans arrive on Gaia.
  • 4 GA8: Galloth arrives on Gaia.
  • (MrOwnerAndPwner) 4 GA8: MOAP's humans arrive on Gaia.

Feel free to add if you're a member of the new world.

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