A young, avid mapper wasting time on You Tube. Enthusiastic Asian and euphoric gamer. Give me a high-five and let's have fun!

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NoonLock is a American born on April 22nd, in the United States. He initially lived in Virginia before settling down in New Jersey. He is an honor student at his school, while he is an active in student council and swimming. One of his many hobbies is playing games and of course, mapping.

YouTube Career:

His YouTube career began after viewing MervueMeringue's "History of Europe" series. Inspired by the likes of 99batran, TheJarJar99, EthanConquistador, MapAnimator, MrOwnerandPwner, and others, he released a Future of Europe test video on October 25th, 2012. His first episode came on December 8th, 2012, with his followup coming on the 22nd of the same month. A few months later, on April 20, 2013, NoonLock released his Map History video on the Battle of France.

In the months following NoonLock's last mapping episode, the channel became inactive - as NoonLock focused more on his personal life.

The Future of Europe Reboot:

In August of 2014, NoonLock began work on a new Future of Europe series. Season 1 will consist of 9 Episodes.  


NoonLock is a modest yet witty person towards others. He is kind, brazen, witty, intelligent, clever, and fun guy.

Future of Europe Season 1

E# Title  Release Date: Link:
E1  Defiance September 28th


E2 Rising Tides October 31st E2

Divide and Conquer

November 28th
E4 Total War December 23rd
E5 Survival of the Fittest January 23rd
E6 Respawn n' Reload February 14th
E7 [WIP] March 6th
E8 [WIP] March 27th
E9 [WIP] April 24th
E10 [WIP] May 22nd


Q: What is you real name?

A: C.G.P.

Likes & Hates


  1. Asia
  2. History
  3. Gaming
  4. Summer
  5. Films
  6. Music
  7. Anime


  1. Age restrictions & Terms and Conditions
  2. People who force ideologies on other people
  3. The Flu / Cold


"Quotes are overrated" -NoonLock about hypocrisy

"Even the most normal of desires can result in dissatisfaction" -NoonLock about the futility of desire

"Even the largest of events can be caused by the most irrelevant of things." -NoonLock about irrelevance

"History in a nutshell: Problem, Reaction, Solution" -NoonLock about history

"Information is divided by people, not facts." -NoonLock about information

"Things don't change. People do." -NoonLock about people

Beliefs and Ideologies

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NoonLock's political compass

NoonLock believes that people should be entitled to their beliefs, whether religious, political, or personal. Likewise, he upholds the principle that one must not immediately jump to conclusions, instead viewing the entire picture first.

NoonLock is a moderate leftist and libertarian, although this is completely inaccurate. He thinks that politics are boring and stupid, often influenced by people who often run their country in a free-for-all, alongside their fellow government members. Similarly, he doesn't fully support companies; instead supporting a fair education, healthcare, economy, and media. He proposes a government where the people have the real power. Also, he wants to diminish the divide between rich and poor. Overall, Noon is open to all forms of government ideals and policies - depending on the circumstances.

NoonLock is a Roman Catholic, and respects all religions in most circumstances.


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