Flag of NCA

North Central America as of Episode 6 in Alternate Future of North America.

General History

North Central America (aka NCA) is a nation in Ebola-chan's Alternate Future of North America series, which happens in 2016 after the breakup of Canada due to corruption. If all land it used to own were to fuse, it would have an area consisting of present day Manitoba, Saskatchewan, North Dakota, Montana, Northern Idaho, almost all of British Columbia, and the North West Territories. It started off as just Manitoba, but Alberta, Saskatchewan, and North West Territories fused with it. NCA no longer exists in the series as of Episode 5, where it combines with a nation called 'Boreal' (Consists of Upper Saskatchewan and Alberta) after Minnesota and Hudson (Formerly part of Ontario) defeated NCA which had separated back into Manitoba. NCA changed it's name to Boreal America, then La Ronge. In Episode 6 of AFONA, North Central America reforms under The Treaty of Minneapolis. They later create NADU, The North American Democratic Union to combat The Confederacy. The North Dakota State is sold to Dakota in exchange for tax money. This nation is still active in the series. 


Episode 1: 

  • North Central America did not participate in a war this episode.

Episode 2:  *North Central America, PAPCP (Polar American Post Canada Pact), ECCA (East Coast Comradery Association) vs. Quebec and North Columbia. 

  • NCA, PAPCP, and ECCA win the war. NCA annexes North Columbia.

Episode 3:

  • North Central America did not participate in a war this episode.

Episode 4:

  • PAPCP and NCA vs. MWA (Middle-West Allegiance)
  • NCA wins, annexing Montana, North Dakota, and Northern Idaho.It also loses Southern British Columbia and South-eastern Manitoba.

Episode 5:

  • CWU (Canadian Western Union, Includes NCA) vs. Minnesota and Hudson.
  • Minnesota and Hudson win, annexing most of NCA. NCA fuses with Boreal to create Boreal America.
  • CWU vs. MWA
  • CWU wins, Boreal America renames to La Ronge after the victory.

Episode 6:

  • CWU, Missouri, Kentucky, Fascist Quebec vs. GLU.
  • The Missouri coalition wins, North Central America reforming.
  • NADU vs. The Confederacy vs. ECCA


FlagOfGEU This nation is a member of the GEU
NAEU This nation is a member of the NAEA

PAPCP (Polar American Post Canada Pact), MWA (Middle West Allegiance), CWU (Canadian Western Union), Western Republic (CJets) , NADU (North American Democratic Union)



Capital: Winnipeg

Population: ~2,250,000 (Nothing too much happened the the population in Manitoba over the course of 50 years.)

Geography: Very chilly, lots of lakes and rivers. Prairie-esque in the south. much more hilly in the north, as well as many forests.


Capital: Saskatoon (Also holds the nation capital, Regina.)

Population: ~4,425,000 (Saskatchewan increased it's population by four-fold. Highest fertility rates in the Canada region, and had many Albertans and North Columbians being pressured to move there due to being larger targets for power-hungry nations.)

Geography: Notoriously flat in the south, great for farmland. filled with wheatfields. In the north, much more rocky and has many more trees.


Capital: Edmonton

Population: ~4,754,000 (Increased roughly over the 50-year history in the NCA. Many moved to Saskatchewan during the oil crisis.)

Geography: Features the Rockies to the west border of the province. Much like Saskatchewan in the south, however more accustomed to ranching than farming. Same business as the other three in the north.

North Columbia

Capital: Vancouver* (Was taken by Cascadia.)

Population: ~5,235,000 (Most populous State, would have been larger had no wars taken place.)

Geography: Most diverse, having mountains, lakes, a different climate than the other States.

Tundria (This State No Longer Exists)

Capital: Yellowknife

Population: ~100,000 (The region is inhospitably cold, making it very hard to live here.)

Geography: Dead

North Dakota (This State No Longer Exists)

Capital: Fargo

Population: ~1,200,000 (Nearly 2x population increase since 2015.)

Geography: Prairie land, although decently hilly.

West Montana

Capital: Missoula

Population: ~1,200,000

Geography: Rugged, green terrain

East Montana

Capital: Billings

Population: ~1,400,000

Geography: Rugged terrain

New Tundria

Capital: Yellowknife

Population: ~300,000

Geography: Heart of the wilderness. Lakes, rivers, forests, mountains, snowy tundra. This place has it all.