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Scamps joined in DECEMBER 3rd, 2014. Numan thinking he is Trio, points it out on Chat.Although no one believes him, Numan is certain, and despises Scamps. Soon Scamps makes a "meme". which is an apparently an Albanian on the Toilet. Mr. American Mapper questions the photo out of curiosity,  A few seconds later, Scamps claims that this is Numan. Numan, as a short-tempered child he is, demands an apology, which is then rejected. The war flares up on the 5th of December 2014.


Numan's Side:

  • Numan(Main)
  • MultiMappers(Support)
  • Yigit(Aids Numan)

Scamps' Side:

  • Scamps(Victim and Main)
  • Scampsland(Scamps' Wiki)


Scamps continues mindlessly spamming the meme accross the wiki, Numan is quite mad. Eventually MultiMappers Gives support to Numan against Scamps, but TKAFan intervenes, so that Scamps can only be attacked, if guilty. On the 7th of December, Numan Discovers Scampsland, seeing it as nothing but a wiki of nonsense. Numan fights fire with fire, spamming memes on Trio's account. However soon Scamps Spams on chat getting him banned from chat.He makes the Alt `European Union` to get him Unbanned and become a Chat Mod. Scamps and his EU alt get blocked from the wiki on December 11th giving victory to Numan.Yigit enters the war on the 12th Of December, Yigit and Numan Vandalizes 1 of his pages and make a useless Page to show Scamps their message. On the 13th of December Yigit enters Scampsland with a message,even though Scamps did not surrender, his wikia is wrecked and has no choice rather then losing, the next day, the Superiority war is over.


Scampsland now is a wikia, spammed by the word, "Shit". Numan tried to claim all of Scamps' ON's, but fails. Many mappers have also enjoyed a great deal of vandalising the Scampsland Wiki. Here is a link if you would like to check it out.

Numan-Scampy war

The First War on the wiki caused by a Meme.