Odernia Flag

Odernia Flag

The Odernia is a country playing 2.0 Map Game. The country started game near the river Oder and hence comes its name. It was created by MikiPL004.


The Poles came from Eastern Europe. They were indistinguishable from other Russian Tribes. But in 10000BC they decided to move to warmer regions. They standed in Ukraine for over 4000 years, but that was too boring. They decided to move around and see where is better. When they came to Western Poland in 3500BC they met German Tribes and then decided to meet with their culture. The Poles and Germans united together into Odernians and started a civilization.

Starting Territory:

Kazan (>10000BC)

Doneck (10000BC-5750BC)

Kiev (5750BC-5000BC)

Homiel (5000BC-4400BC)

Warsaw (4400BC-3500BC)

Berlin (3500BC<)


  • Military: 1
  • Government: 0
  • Economics: 1
  • Infrastructure: 1
  • Population: 0


None yet


Unofficial: Sacrania

Official: Franchere


Jan I (Turn 1 - Turn 2)


Adam Sprawiedliwy (Turn 2 - Turn 4)


Jan II Odważny (Turn 4 -

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