This is for fun and what your nation would do during modern real world events (1900s to Present) (NOTE: EACH OFFICIAL NATION SHOULD BE PRIMARY AND EXIST IN ITS OWN SEPARATE UNIVERSE.)

Brabrantium (WIP)

WWI and Post WWI

Initially, Brabrantium originally planned to side with the Central Powers until the German invasion of southern Brabrantium in 1914. Despite its invasion, Brabrantium surrendered and became a Minor Central Power. However, even after the Dutch Brabrantines surrendered, Walloonian Brabrantines showed and formed resistance in the south, disobeyed the call of peace and kept on fighting against the Germans, also called the "Calais-Ypres Offensive". This was kept on until the "liberation" of Brabrantium by the United States.

After WW1, Brabrantium received a small part of German land and colonies. However, it wasn't satisfied and its Emperor was later overthrown in a late 1920s revolution. Called the revolution of '1928', before the rise of Leopold-Napoleon III

Poverty was everywhere in the 1920s, veterans were out on the streets begging for food and inflation was abnormally high (but not as much as Germany) with $1,000 for a loaf of bread compared to about $5 Million in Germany, as Brabrantium had set limits on creating paper money. A Party, called the International Bocialist Movement of Brabrantium (IBMB), had risen greatly between 1923-1925 after its founding between Late 1919-1921. Its leader, Anton Adriaan Mussert had stepped down, in 1931, before Leopold-Napoleon III (Grandson of Beatrice Oscar Napoleon and Eugene Bonaparte II), born on July 9, 1899, who sought to restore Bonaparte's rule of Brabrantium. The Party was enthusiastic as they knew that Leopold-Napoleon III (Or Napoleon the VIII according to Bonapartists), were very prestigious and descendant of Napoleon himself and the Louis I 'the good' of Holland. Despite his timid, but slightly sadistic and insane nature (that is what happens when cousins marry lol), he was very well loved by the populace and was elected in 1938 as the chancellor (or Prime Minister) of Brabrantium. He later became dictator in 1940, when Germany had begun the invasion Norway, and joined the axis by letting Germany through to France.



Post WWII and Cold War

After WWII, Brabrantium agreed to pay 250 Million dollars in US money and gave France modern day Nord-Pas-de-Calais. However, it demanded in return of German territory to reduce their power. It was disputed several times until there is agreement to Plan C. In which the allies accept for "temporary" Brabrantine Occupation. Meanwhile, their capital in Zeeland and their major cities is occupied by the allies in separate islands. (WIP)

Dissolution of Soviet Union

War on Terror

Brabrantium is part of the ISAF (NATO section) (WIP)

Crimean Crisis

Growing ISIS terrorist threat

Belfrug (WIP)















During most of WWII Qysid was an Italian colony until early July 1942 where the people decided they had enough and rebels against Mussolini's reign over the area. Starting in Tripoli the revolution was very slow because of the massive German support and it seemed like a stalemate, but since the Italians were easier to fight by August of the same year the Qysidi rebels controlled half of Libya and also a small part of Tunisia. A few days later the British decided to send support to the rebels causing advance to become easier, because of this Axis troops from Egypt had to be sent making the battle of El alamain much easier and on august 29th the rebels controlled all of Lybia and some of southern Tunisia. Eventually with the quick American advance through Africa they decided to help the rebels seize Tunis and after several days of fighting they were successfull. After that the Qysidi rebels began to build up a government.

Post WWII and Cold War

After the successfull Qysidi revolution during WWII The Islamic Republic of Qysid was founded in modern day Tunisia and Lybia, Along with that after the war the allies agreed for Qysid to have control over Sicily and Malta until 1950. When the Cold War began Qysid gave mutual support to NATO due to the massive influence there members had over the region and the republic's anti-Communist views. In 1968 a Communist revolution erupted in Tunis as Communist rebels seized North Tunisia, fighting continued for a few more years with the death toll rising until finally in 1975 the Communist were defeated and Qysid regained stability.

Dissolution of Soviet Union

The Qysidi people were very happy when they heard the news of the Soviet Union's collapse And the government was also relieved to learn about it, meanwhile they were taking the Serbian civilian bombings with outrage and condemned the Serbian government for these actions. Later in 2001 Islamic terrorists began a Jihad in Qysidi territory conquering major cities in Tunisia and east Lybia and eventually took over Qysid briefly befoee a US invasion of the country. Now Qysid is fighting massive legions of Terrorist that are trying to take over the nation.

Crimean crisis

After Russian separatist took over Crimea the Qysidi government Believed that the "Separatists" were really Russian soldiers in disguise, while the Terrorists commended there actions. Shortly after when separatists began advancing in eastern Ukraine cut down on trade with Russia.

Growing ISIS terrorist threat

It wasn't that hard for Qysid to compare ISIS to its own terrorists and condemned there actions sending some weapons to the Syrian and Iraqi armies to fight back against this new threat. Qysidi terrorists on the othrr hand commended them, some even joining there ranks and committing atrocious terrorist attacks on major cities.



During WWII, Talin was neutral until by 1940, Hitler's generals moved towards USSR breaking the pact or some treaty.

Talin was still keeping its control but as Hitler arrived in Talin, he decide to create a new area as part of Nazi Germany, allowing them to be 'part' of axis. And it was occupied.

In this axis period, Germany may have gained military power a bit more, but except that when they reach Moscow, but some allied spies decided to create a rebellion group to liberate its countries, and collapse its economy of Germany and Talin's trading power. While it worked a little, the intelligence has discovered them with the overthrowing process has been halted.

Some Jews were killed in this time because of the influence of Germany again.

WIP (I don't know why but I'm dumber than ever.)


Post ww2 and cold war slightly altered for fun

As being the Only Muslim majority state in Europe with Albania behind Nazi Germany Slaughter Millions when it was occupied And Adari terrorists formed after attempting to slaughter all of The Adari people. A year later group managed to kill Rommel in Africa with let the Allies go through Africa and into Italy faster but the fate of Germany remained. The same at there is no West or East Germany but now a West Adaristan, The republic of Adaristan (Hungary, Slovakia and Czech) and the people republic of Adaristan (Poland and Kalingrad). Adaris on both sides hated the split and when the Soviet Union fell a revolution spurred in the east this made the Allies happy until the revolution went into western Adaristan and both fell and reunited under the original Government of Adaristan.

Crimea Crisis

As Adaristan Has little care for the region it does not go against or with it though it believes the lands are Russian because culture of the region is Russian but it doesn't know what will happen about Donsk. Some say it will be Russian - some say it will be Ukrainian - some say that it will be independent. Adaristan is in preparation for a possible WW III since cold war and is still making Nuclear bunkers and fortification if it were to be invaded.


World War 1


United Britannia


The First World War was a major step of turning United Britannia into a Great Power, Britannia raised to power when its founding fathers George Thompson and Paul Jones created a Pro-German group propagandizing that "The Great Britain that we once knew has fallen into corrupt idiots". The Group got several million members across the British Empire when at September 5 1915, Come news that the Royal Family has been assassinated, "ANARCHY!" writes the newspaper when one day later George Thompson makes a proclamation declaring him First Emperor of United Britannia. Almost instantly he aligns his country with the Central powers.France being aware that they would be surrounded and conquered easily they asked help from the United States,The answer from the USA is "Yes". The Intervention of the United states of America was kept secret so in 1916, 74.000 American soldiers land on Ireland the Britannians were unaware of the US Fleet closing in when they were informed the Americans were only 5 miles from Dublin,The few 10.000 Britannian Troops left in Great Britain could not compete against an army 7 times larger, Britannia unable to bring their main army no reaching the border with Spain any time soon unconditionally surrendered to the allies. The United States took advantage of that and made Britannia its puppet. 



This nation hates WWI because Turkey (Ottoman Empire) fall. This nation would help Central Power using Future Weapons. But I need supplies from Future. I need supply from Galactic Era. So I am thinking for teleporting them into year 2500 without tech improvements so they will certainly lose. Glory to Ottoman Empire! No more colonialism! Glory to Democracy! Glory to Civil Right Movements! Glory to Gandhi! Glory to Multatuli!


I don;t care lol but I just take Jewish refugees.

Cold War

I wanna make new side because Centrie better than Commie and Cappie! Glory to Freedom! All Imperialism sucks!

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