Operation 2.0 was a major assault onto Europe. It started when...

Operation 2,0

Date: 2790-2805

Location: Europe

Result: Successful Operation

Attacking Side


2.0 Countries

Defensive Side



New Austria


Scozivo Territory











United Kingdom

America lost the war in the Middle East and the dollar collapsed. America turned evil and awaked their war machine. Then, it invaded North America, and South America. It sent ships over to Australia and Oceania where it captured the islands there, and turned it into Oceania and Australia 2.0. Then South America turned into South America 2.0. Later. it invaded Africa and Asia, turning them into 2.0. America claimed the whole North American Continent, and the Caribbean.

Now, it decimated Europe, and renamed their regions into 2.0. Then, when all the regions were combined, Europe turned into Europe 2.0. America was about to turn the continents into Earth 2.0 when T.E.R.R.A (Iceland) retreated from Svalbard and claimed the empty lands of Iceland and Greenland. When America noticed, the Terra War began. TERRA forced America out of Ireland and claimed Ireland. Then it split into Greenland, Iceland, and Ireland. Svalbard people who originally lived in Svalbard moved to Jan Mayan and called it Scandinavia.

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