Use this one for comics on parallel worlds. ONLY EXACT OPPOSITES, PLEASE!



They would have pink eyes, they would be huge, but not much power. Best friends with Trebzon, and the sock monster. Very religious country, and has forever been against Akkér (They aren't offended if they are called Akker), because they aren't religious at all.


A Republic, likes Zapadrussia and never likes conquering a lot and more of a pacifist than a fighter. Focuses on peace.


Very civillized, yet the Smallest Official Nation. Hates war, and is always neutral, and everyone is it's friend. Never surrenders.


Regular eyes. Very religious, Hates EU and NATO. They instead support Russia and ISIS. They eventually considered a Rogue nation and was invaded. 

Cassandrian Empire

More like the Republic of Thessaloniki. Very big Balkan power. It defeated Miracium and sieged Miraca 12 times. Allied with Vordalkien, they defeated miracine troops in Anatolia and divided into cassandrian and vordalkish (?) parts.


Loves Talin, they never had a dispute but they started one recently, hates potatoes, capital is Zephyrgrad while summer palace is Riga, not in Latvia, owns Estonia, hates Russia and Valgond, never makes sub specials


Ally with Trieste and the 3# Smallest Countrie in the World,Livian as Enemy


Likes to alliance with everyone, then betray. Has dark red eyes. It loves war and other conflicts.


Never attacks Miracium and does not like Atatürk.It also loves war.



Smallest mapperball, not an admin cannot into relevance, has the least subscribers as the subscriber amount is 30 and widely not popular.


Insignificant, not relevant, not an admin. Loves war and is extremely healthy. Best friends with EPP, but was banned by Batikan. Nations are Neikladorv and Dnoglav.


Banned by Batikan for attacking Arcy. Unblocked in May 2014, then banned again for harassing Trio. Hates dinosaurs.


Really relevant mapper with lots of views. Trio is his best friend.


Loves Arcy and Trio, an admin, reaches 500 subscribers, hates MrOwnerandPwner, Goldenrebel25, 99Batran, and Mervue Meringue


Started mapping in July 2011. Most subbed mapper with almost 2000 Subs. He is very egotistical and proud mapper who brags about his dominance. His friends are really puppets that helps him get more subs. Also Frenemies with MervueMeringue. However, he will inspire MervueMeringue to continue mapping. No real friends :(. However would be seen occasionally as "Lesser than two evils" if the mapping community is threatened, otherwise he would be the Rival of Mervuemeringue. Still makes the wiki though but this one is dedicated to his series, it is possible that it would expand to other series'.


is the mapper with the least subs in the above 100's, hates potatoes, never plays CoH, never spams anyone saying they should play with him, very serious, least favorite mapper is disturbed fan, hates tacos, never roleplays, supports 99batran in everything and likes his rulling style, played an important role in Operation: Fish to keep Arcy in the wiki

Philipp Mapping

Hate Kolonal, Iron and Mapmaker, PAL with Arcy and Trio with 400 Subs.


would never be a mapper since he wouldn't have mental issues which led him to be cause in the parallel he would have a lot of friends but also an asshole


The biggest hater of MOAP and plans to hack him. Not friendly with new mappers and is secret allies with Trio and Arcy. Sunburn is neutral with him. (not really)


Same as yamnu but he loves batıkan bora and hates moap golden batran, etc.

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