Parbounila Klėba
Pronunciation par - bu - ni- la kle: - ba
Region Marmara Region
Ethnicity Parbounlese
Native speakers
16 million  (2018)
Language family
  • Balto-Slavic
    • Baltic
      • Eastern Slavic
        • Parbounlese
Early forms
Slavic, Baltic languages
  • Parbounlese

Thracian Parbounlese Bithynian Parbounlese

Evran Parbounlese
Writing system
Official status
Official language in
Parbounila Vėlaga Kingdom of Parbounli
Language codes
ISO 639-3
Parbounlese Language (Parbounlese: Parbounila Klėba) is a language spoken by Parbounlese in Kingdom of Parbounli.


Language as a secret language was created by Benit Parbounlini, however, he determined that his origin should be Baltic Languages because prisoners originally lived in the territory of geographical region of Thrace and some thracian words were similar with Baltic words. Language was used for prisoners, especially for their kids to talk as their mother tongue.


Parbounlese alphabet consists of 20 letters.

Letter Pronunciation Name
Aa a Arka
Bb b Brilta
Dd d Darta
Ee e Ekab
Ėė e: Iesė
Gg g Giena
Xx h Xoro
Ii i Ist
Kk k Karat
Ll l Linka
Mm m Masa
Nn n Nasa
Oo o Opa
Pp p Persia
Rr r Rodos
Ss s Simta
Tt t Taba
Uu u Iuskė
Vv v Visla
Zz z Zabar

Also, there are a few double letters which can be formed by connecting two letters in a row.

Double letter Pronounction Example
Px f Nopx
Sx ʃ Asx
Ts ts Sentar
Tz Tzola
Zh ʒ Zxovar


Parbounlese language is rich of new words based on Baltic (Lithuanian) languages. It also has some new words from neighbour (Greek, Bulgarian, Turkish) languages and some special words from Latin and Romance languages.

Important words

Comparing with other languages
Parbounlese English Lithuanian
Klėba Language Kalba
Srėki! Hello! Sveiki!
Vis gėr! Goodbye! Viso gero!
Tak Yes Taip
Nie No Ne
Klas Good Geras
Blox Bad Blogas
Dieku! Thank You! Ačiū!
Milno suznakits! Nice to meet you! Malonu susipažinti!
Asx niesulamu Parbounilko! I don't understand Parbounlese! Aš nesuprantu parbounliškai!