Parliament of Great Lakes
Parlement des Grand Lacs (French)
42nd Parliament
Houses Senate
House of Deputies
Founded January 12, 1886
Preceded by Parliament of the United Kingdom
Ryan Scott, LBR
Since February 4, 2012
Prime Minister
Lenny Harris, LBR
Since May 1, 2014
Leader of Opposition
Lisa Raitt, COU
Since May 1, 2014
Speaker of the Senate
Steven Adams, LBR
Since May 1, 2014

370 voting members

  • 70 senators
  • 300 deputies
Senate of United Great Lakes2014
HoD of United Great Lakes2018
Last election
April 13, 2014
Last election
April 13, 2014
Meeting place
Parliament House
Toronto, Niagara
United Great Lakes
The Parliament of Great Lakes is the legislature of United Great Lakes. It consists of the House of Deputies and the Senate. The House of Deputies has a total of 300 voting members and 70 senators in the Senate. According to the Constitution of Great Lakes, all the federal legislative power is at the Parliament. The Parliament may regulate trade between states, international trade and the composition of federal courts. It can also regulate taxes, maintain armed forces and declare war. The Parliament meets at the Parliament House in Toronto.

The Parliament is elected every four years. Both houses are elected by using proportional representation. However, the Deputies are elected by using party-list proportional representation, but the Senate is elected by using closed list. The number of deputies is proportional to the population of each state, so that each state is guaranteed at least to have one seat.