Audio Log 118263-1

  • Subject 22: It is coming. I can feel it.
  • Subject 14: Indeed it is. We must wait.
  • Subject 22: What of the endemic life?
  • Subject 14: They have served the cause well. They are still needed. We are not finished.
  • Subject 22: That is correct. For M̷̢̳̠̩̤̜͍̩̘͔̲͉͕͔̲̻̰̲̆͂̄̏͒͒͗̀͐̔̈̋́ͨ͊͑͐̚͡a̶̸͖̦̗̦͙̻͈̤̝̟̝̮̹̓ͥͫ̏́͋͆̄͆͑̊̒ͬͨͯͣ̒rͫ̆̆ͥ̄͗҉̴̘̬̘̰͎̦͖́s̨̪̱̝̹̗̬̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̓ͮ͛ͬͩ͂̆ͨ͗̀͘͝.
  • Subject 14: For M̷̢̳̠̩̤̜͍̩̘͔̲͉͕͔̲̻̰̲̆͂̄̏͒͒͗̀͐̔̈̋́ͨ͊͑͐̚͡a̶̸͖̦̗̦͙̻͈̤̝̟̝̮̹̓ͥͫ̏́͋͆̄͆͑̊̒ͬͨͯͣ̒rͫ̆̆ͥ̄͗҉̴̘̬̘̰͎̦͖́s̨̪̱̝̹̗̬̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̓ͮ͛ͬͩ͂̆ͨ͗̀͘͝.

Audio Log 118263-17

  • Subject 75: The genetic banks certainly have proved useful. The Emperor was wise to choose this method.
  • Subject 48: It is a shame some of the banks suffered corruption. The vacuum of space does not forgive.
  • Subject 27: Indeed it does not. I have lost my family. But we must carry on.
  • Subject 48: My sincere condolences. It is not easy to write a bank for a species.
  • Subject 27: It is for the greater good. We are close to planetary assimilation.
  • Subject 75: Apparently not. We are restricted to this continent. The dregs run loose elsewhere.
  • Subject 27: Then the endemic life will have to deal with it. 
  • Subject 48: It truly is genius. An epitome of genetic engineering. Our salvation. For M̷̢̳̠̩̤̜͍̩̘͔̲͉͕͔̲̻̰̲̆͂̄̏͒͒͗̀͐̔̈̋́ͨ͊͑͐̚͡a̶̸͖̦̗̦͙̻͈̤̝̟̝̮̹̓ͥͫ̏́͋͆̄͆͑̊̒ͬͨͯͣ̒rͫ̆̆ͥ̄͗҉̴̘̬̘̰͎̦͖́s̨̪̱̝̹̗̬̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̓ͮ͛ͬͩ͂̆ͨ͗̀͘͝.
  • Subject 75: For M̷̢̳̠̩̤̜͍̩̘͔̲͉͕͔̲̻̰̲̆͂̄̏͒͒͗̀͐̔̈̋́ͨ͊͑͐̚͡a̶̸͖̦̗̦͙̻͈̤̝̟̝̮̹̓ͥͫ̏́͋͆̄͆͑̊̒ͬͨͯͣ̒rͫ̆̆ͥ̄͗҉̴̘̬̘̰͎̦͖́s̨̪̱̝̹̗̬̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̓ͮ͛ͬͩ͂̆ͨ͗̀͘͝.
  • Subject 27: For M̷̢̳̠̩̤̜͍̩̘͔̲͉͕͔̲̻̰̲̆͂̄̏͒͒͗̀͐̔̈̋́ͨ͊͑͐̚͡a̶̸͖̦̗̦͙̻͈̤̝̟̝̮̹̓ͥͫ̏́͋͆̄͆͑̊̒ͬͨͯͣ̒rͫ̆̆ͥ̄͗҉̴̘̬̘̰͎̦͖́s̨̪̱̝̹̗̬̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̓ͮ͛ͬͩ͂̆ͨ͗̀͘͝.

Audio Log 118263-32

  • Subject 53: I'm so sorry. So so sorry.
  • Subject 09: There is nothing to be sorry for. This is our future.
  • Subject 53: Genocide is not the future.
  • Subject 09: This is not genocide. This is our salvation.
  • Subject 53: We cannot resort to genocide for salvation. You know that.
  • Subject 09: Our home is dead. We can only resort to other methods to survive. 
  • Subject 53: I know. That is why I am sorry.
  • Subject 09: There is no need to apologize for our salvation. There can be no progress without sacrifice.
  • Subject 53: We should have come here before the endemics. We don't have to commit genocide.
  • Subject 09: That is enough. The sun has set for the endemics. We are the dominant species in this system. We are the most powerful. We have survived. For M̷̢̳̠̩̤̜͍̩̘͔̲͉͕͔̲̻̰̲̆͂̄̏͒͒͗̀͐̔̈̋́ͨ͊͑͐̚͡a̶̸͖̦̗̦͙̻͈̤̝̟̝̮̹̓ͥͫ̏́͋͆̄͆͑̊̒ͬͨͯͣ̒rͫ̆̆ͥ̄͗҉̴̘̬̘̰͎̦͖́s̨̪̱̝̹̗̬̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̓ͮ͛ͬͩ͂̆ͨ͗̀͘͝.
  • Subject 53: Fine. For M̷̢̳̠̩̤̜͍̩̘͔̲͉͕͔̲̻̰̲̆͂̄̏͒͒͗̀͐̔̈̋́ͨ͊͑͐̚͡a̶̸͖̦̗̦͙̻͈̤̝̟̝̮̹̓ͥͫ̏́͋͆̄͆͑̊̒ͬͨͯͣ̒rͫ̆̆ͥ̄͗҉̴̘̬̘̰͎̦͖́s̨̪̱̝̹̗̬̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̓ͮ͛ͬͩ͂̆ͨ͗̀͘͝.

Audio Log 125412-11-Mars-Operation

  • Subject M-04: The endemics seem to have intelligence on our salvation. They bring us to the dead past.
  • Subject M-11: This will not stop our future. Nothing will.
  • Subject M-04: The past was indeed beautiful. I have to say, I missed M̷̢̳̠̩̤̜͍̩̘͔̲͉͕͔̲̻̰̲̆͂̄̏͒͒͗̀͐̔̈̋́ͨ͊͑͐̚͡a̶̸͖̦̗̦͙̻͈̤̝̟̝̮̹̓ͥͫ̏́͋͆̄͆͑̊̒ͬͨͯͣ̒rͫ̆̆ͥ̄͗҉̴̘̬̘̰͎̦͖́s̨̪̱̝̹̗̬̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̓ͮ͛ͬͩ͂̆ͨ͗̀͘͝.
  • Subject M-11: As do us all. Our future does not lie in M̷̢̳̠̩̤̜͍̩̘͔̲͉͕͔̲̻̰̲̆͂̄̏͒͒͗̀͐̔̈̋́ͨ͊͑͐̚͡a̶̸͖̦̗̦͙̻͈̤̝̟̝̮̹̓ͥͫ̏́͋͆̄͆͑̊̒ͬͨͯͣ̒rͫ̆̆ͥ̄͗҉̴̘̬̘̰͎̦͖́s̨̪̱̝̹̗̬̋ͥ̏ͤͬ̓ͮ͛ͬͩ͂̆ͨ͗̀͘͝, maybe in the future, but not now.
  • Subject M-04: Of course. Our salvation and our future come first.
  • Subject M-11: The endemics know this. They watch us. They hear us.
  • Subject M-04: The cannot do anything.
  • Subject M-11: They will only watch.