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PetriBass (RealStarPie on YouTube) is a mapper on YouTube. He is currently on hiatus until he is able to find software to use for purposes of adding music to the series. Although he has stated there are several options available to him, he has expressed a desire for "better" programs so that he can continue to produce high-quality videos. His name is not to be mentioned, and should be referred to as Petri (formally as PetriBass). Currently having fifty-seven subscribers on YouTube (as of 12/14/2014), he currently produces a variety of amatuer videos. His current video series are as follows: Minecraft Multiplayer (discontinued as an actual series), Minecraft Custom Mapz! (discontinued), Slender: The Eight Pages, Happy Wheels, Unfair Mario (discontinued), Europe's Future, and Amnesia: The Dark Descent. He currently resides in a secret location within the United States.

Personal information

PetriBass is 18 years old. He enjoys playing MineCraft, playing the piano, hiking, rock climbing, tending to the garden, and of course, mapping fictional scenarios. He is a Whovian, a Brony, and a basshead (fan of dubstep).


PetriBass had had an interest in mapping for years before he even knew about the mappers on YouTube. He would use Paint and the computer game Civilization IV to edit and manipulate maps and create various scenarios. He dropped this hobby, believing that no one would care for his interests in mapping.

After seeing MervueMeringue's History of Europe series and Batran99's The Future of Europe series, he made the decision to pick up mapping again, and post them on YouTube. His goal was to create a new future of Europe series that was interesting and of high quality, both visually and plot-wise.

Software used

Paint - to edit maps.

(possibly) Adobe Premier Elements 4.0 - to add audio and finalize the video

Current video status

On indefinite hiatus, but will hopefully be producing more videos soon!

Map videos released:

  1. Europe's Future - Pilot Episode - War
  2. Europe's Future - Episode 1 (Part 2) - Greek Civil War
  3. Europe's Future - Episode 2 - Betrayal
  4. Europe's Future - Episode 3 - Italian Collapse
  5. Europe's Future - Episode 4 - Power Play
  6. Europe's Future - Episode 5 Part 1 - The Weakening
  7. Europe's Future - Episode 5 Part 2 - The Fall
  8. Europe's Future - Episode 6 - Penultimate Plan of Action

Progress Photos:

  • Progress Update 1|Slide No.051 Ep.3
  • Outcome of Episode 4
  • Slide 99 from Episode 5 Part 2
  • Slide 039 from Episode 6
  • Progress photo (12-13-14)