Hello, I am a mapper called PolishRapidFire and as you would guess im from Poland and live in England. My youtube channel is PolishRapidFire-Mapping and only started in December but have done mapping for a few years.

Kujawian countryball
Youtube Channel PolishRapidFire- Mapping
Subscribers 9 (January, 2016)
Homeland and place of Birth Poland, Kujawsko-Pomorskie
My Location Bristol, England
Ideology Nationalism, Conservative
Favorite Mappers TheKonijn24




Age 15 this year
Official nations Thinking of one
Secondary Nations Kingdom of Polan, Polabian Republic

and Polgarian Republic

Working on Series Realistic future of Europe

My top 10 likes

  1. Poland
  2. Football
  3. Overall Sports
  4. Politics
  5. Geography
  6. History
  7. Leadership
  8. Fallout 4
  9. Political discussions
  10. Realism

Top 10 dislikes

  1. Traitors
  2. People who Dislike Poland
  3. People who dislike Catholics
  4. Satanists
  5. Refugee propaganda
  6. Extremists
  7. Ukraine(Not every person but History and Politics)
  8. Extremists
  9. Propaganda
  10. USSR

Mapping style

  1. Realistic
  2. Alternate
  3. Modern
  4. Sometimes based on Facts
  5. Better quality
  6. Logical
  7. Political
  8. European

Opinions on other countries


Favorite politicians(I like their Ideology)

  1. Janusz Korwin-Mikke
  2. Andrzej Duda
  3. Paweł Kukiz
  4. Nigel Farage
  5. Órban
  6. Lech Kaczyński
  7. Lepper

Politicians i hate and some that are traitors to Poland

  1. Donald Tusk
  2. Martin Schulz
  3. Ewa Kopacz
  4. Petru
  5. Neumann
  6. Stalin
  7. Winston Churchill(Sold Poland to the USSR)

If i was a Polish leader i would...

  1. Make schools more active
  2. More Job agencies
  3. Get rid of some foreign businesses and replace with Polish
  4. Make schools teach proper Polish History
  5. Make schools more active
  6. Give more options in schools for students
  7. Build houses for people or fund house building companies
  8. Make oil wells(Recently found that Poland actually has loads of oil and resources)
  9. Get rid of Media propaganda and make proper Polish propaganda(only 20% of media is Polish)
  10. Continue nuke program

I know it would cost but Poland is making loads of money which isn't used and it would take time to change stuff which im aware. Its just what i would want.

Country balls i made

Kujawian countryball
Polans ball
Sorbian flag
Polish-Commonwealth countryball
Polish-Lithuania commonwealth