This is the current and ceased factions of the mapping community history.



Foreign Factions

The Commonwealth of Mappers

Is a non-wikia(?) somewhat unknown foreign mapper faction that is outside the wikia. It is rarely encountered and when does, their members hardly will reveal their identity to the group. It is possible that there are other mapper factions beyond the wikia.

The Grand Arabic Alliance (GAA)

Acronym/Nickname: "Arabs"

The faction itself was founded by the six UAE mappers. They believe communism, but so far some are unrecongised from them because there were too many factions. Even though the their members are all from the Middle East, there is no non-Middle Eastern person, it may be regional.

Non-Political Factions

Goldo-Batran Pact (GBP)

AKA GMA-UPMU Commonwealth (GUC) or Jokingly named the "International Bocialist Commonwealth", is a Faction that was made after 99batran found himself controlling both the UPMU and GMA. He decided to make governors for the new sub-factions such as GMA or UPMU. It is created mainly to (temporarily) unite the community further and to secure itself to be the strongest faction (about 20+ members excluding double memberships between both factions).

It is currently also the largest faction in the community

National Socialist Regime (NSR)

It is nazi alliance that gives pizza to all members. Not officially recognized.

Historical Factions

Grand Communist Alliance (GCA II)

Created by Trio mapping. Created when he did so, Batikan joined it, and everyone blame the name stealing and was renamed immediately. The alliance is far unrecognised than any faction. It's successor is Trio Alliance.

The Second Arab Alliance (SAA)

Acronym/Nickname: "Other arabs"

The SAA declared independence from the GAA in Early June 2014, but the GAA doesn't recognise them. 

United Mappers Union (UMU)

Acronym/Nickname: Arcians

Was a political Nationalist faction that attempts to bring the community to an absolute or complete rule under 99batran. The only leader is Arcy, no-one joined it because of Arcy's hostile attempts to others. It is now disbanded because Arcy is now blocked.

Qapeau Mapping Union (QMU)

Acronym/Nickname: Qapeaus

Was a Political and Peaceful faction in the wikia formed by HappyDance9 to bring the UPMU and GMA closer to each other, and to introduce new ideas to the mapping community. If both the UPMU and GMA are in a wiki war with someone (not just 1 of them, both of them), the QMU will take action to protect both factions from the potential enemy. If both factions are at war, QMU would stay hostile unless 1 of the factions are aggressive to the QMU, then the QMU will join the other team.

The QMU were split into 2 factions. With one supporting Independence (NMA) and the other are loyalists (HDA), with the independence won, the QMU broke apart into two factions. It was reunited for a few weeks (As QME) before being broken back to 2 factions again

It was renamed to HDA. See above.

The Mapping Union of Confederacy (MUC)

Acronym/Nickname: "Confeds"

A faction that is separated from GCA. It'll be neutral and act like the HRE faction as much, so far it was normal. The faction will be neutral and defensive who never gives up. It's pretty neutral but the smallest alliance in the wiki. Their Successor is nicknamed the "Long Name" Faction.

The Anti-Arcy Alliance (AAA)

Was/is a coalition against Arcy and the successor of the Anti-Guiyii2 Coalition. The goal was to get Arcy banned in the wiki. Currently they are inactive because Arcy is blocked or it was disbanded according to Zephyrus said to the AAA faction has no sight of Arcy in TFOE Wiki.

The Council

Is the first faction and also an Oligarchy-like Political Faction formed after about 4-5 wiki wars. It was disbanded due to inactivity and another outbreak (wiki war). It's only leaders were 99batran, Arcy, and MrOwnerandPwner. And DisturbedFan1100 was a advisor.

United Mapping Federation (UMF)

The Second Council of the mapping community. Has been merged from UCMC and TCA ideas and became one called the UMF. So far the leaders are MrOwnerandPwner, Disturbedfan1100 and Goldenrebel25. The faction is needed to be in political and talk about diplomacy and solve the conflicts by diplomacy not by aggressively. It was founded by Percy and Ethan, and help to rebuild the Council of Order itself to a new era. It's first problem was the Eighth Wiki War and shortly been solved by the founder, Ethan.

With final days, the UMF will dismantle every faction in this wiki and form a large faction where Sunburn founded it. UMF is dismantled due to inactivity.

It's only leaders are Disturbedfan1100, Goldenrebel25 and MrOwnerandPwner.

Trio Alliance

June 10th 2014- June 16th 2014

Acronym/Nickname: "Trialli"

Obviously made by trio mapping and was a successor to what turned out to be same as GCA: The Grand Communist Alliance.

The observers are Members that had a request to join but isn't accepted. So far, some unrecognised it. The observers recognise the faction, while people said this faction is not an alliance, it's similar to HUE, it's named after Trio mapping.

It's successor is New Holy roman Empire

Hell Under Elections (HUE)

Acronym/Nickname: "Hue/Half Anti-Republicans"

The faction is half anti-republican, their purpose is not to let the people with low IQ's vote, becouse they think "stupid" people choose the "stupid" government. it was mostly unrecognised by everyone. Founded by Batıkan Bora. Anyone who supports that half anti-republican thing can join it. (Note: The faction is not about brasilians or not a group of brasilians.)

Faction Concepts

United Council of the Mapping Community (UCMC)

Is a council, they will discuss this by political and raise the peace. Every election is around three months, the rules are simply basic at the beginning as time goes by the rules gets a bit complicated and some condemn the rules. Let's see what happens in the future.

It was merged from TCA's ideas.

The Council of Alliances (TCA)

A proposed faction, by Percy/ΙΧΩΡ Productions, is made to unite the factions in a more powerful union. The 4 Original alliances are the GMA, QMU, UPMU, and the GCA. However, some fear that with opposing ideologies mixed with peace will lead into inevitable conflict. Same thing if they are also divided (or similar to the European Union) and some members also fear merging. But, it seems that the alliances had shown a hesitant optimism for this idea. As long as they obtain full sovereignty, this alliance could work... if they have a common enemy. But lets look to the future.

It was merged from UCMC's idea.

United Mapperdonian Coalition

United Mapperdonian Coalition(?) is a somewhat well planned out faction (in possible development) created for pro-factionists against the Anti-Factionists and Anarchists. The Ideal is spurred off of a skype chat between some of GBP and NSF Members when they expressed concern for the growing popularity of the Anti-Factionists. Since their ideologies are very split, they imagined themselves to unify under centrism (as suggested by batran) (more specifically Liberal Conservatism, not to be mistaken by Conservative Liberalism or libertarian Conservatism). Some of them expressed some type of opposition against the council as they want faction leaders to be the leaders of the council instead. Their ideology is also based on batran's idea of Quadralism (4-Faction Supremacy system) except with this time most likely 3 or 4 (NSF, GBP, and maybe QME).

Note: Part of Conquest for Unification of the Wikias


Under the Coalition

Acronym/Nickname: Pro-factionists/Coalitionists/ "The Big Guys"

United Protectors of the Mapping Universe (UPMU)

Acronym/Nickname: "Euphemus"

Years: November 24th 2013 - June 25th 2014 ~ Present.

Is a Peaceful Democratic Political Faction in the wikia formed sometime after the Council was abandoned. It claimed that it was the successor of the Council, except as a representative democracy. As it also had Political Parties in it. Their purpose is to preserve peace through diplomacy and intervene in certain wars relating to the wiki. Every election in the faction is two months.

Golden Mapper Alliance (GMA)

Acronym/Codename: "Golden"

Years: November 22nd 2013 - June 25th 2014 ~ Present.

Is a Political defense faction in the wikia formed when Goldenrebel25 and Multi formed an alliance. Golden soon are allied with a few others, including MOAP, 99Batran, Zephyrus and Zukas, and decided to combine them into a group called the GMA. It is one of the rising factions after the UPMU. Their purpose is to preserve peace in the wiki in any way possible, with violence as a last resort.

'Goddamn Commies' Alliance (GCA)

Acryonym/Nickname: Commies

Years: April 13th 2014 - June 25th 2014 ~ Present.

The first alliance that is made for common ideologies. This Faction had risen their flag after 99batran removed the Communist symbol from the Second Skype Mapping Channel, thinking that the communist symbol would not make a good first impression and non-communist mappers will evade the chat. Also it would start an inevitable conflict if the communists are changing everything to theirs even if opposing ideologists were around.

Refusing to back down, and to annoy the non-communists, the Communists had created their own Faction, self pro-claiming that they want to know each other better. However, this causes destabilization/crisis in the wikia and 99batran declared that members of the GCA will become second class citizens, in fear of communist takeover. After a while, terms were met on both sides after Zukas (a leader) left the wikia when refusing to allow outside contributions/influence to the rules, thinking that it will "restrict" freedom. A almost happy ending (for this crisis) found this alliance when Zukas came back, admitting he can't stay away from the people he grew to like. All hostile actions have been revoked, but the rest of the alliances have expressed some kind of concern for a new alliance to observe.

Note: This Alliance dislikes other types of Communist ideologies (Specifically Maoism) and claims that their ideology is the best.

The Rogue Alliance (TRA)

now known as TRD (The Rogue Dominion)

Acronym/Nickname: "Rogues"

Year: April 28th 2014 - June 25th 2014 ~ Present.

Is a "rogue" faction that tends to be a third/fourth party in wars. Think of them as mercenaries and could choose the side that they consider the best.

In 20th May 2014, it was under a personal union with MUC.

In 22nd May 2014, it was merged with GCA, ending the personal union.

Happy Dancing Alliance (HDA)

Acronym/Nickname: "Hidana"

March 9th 2014 (As QMU) ~ ???(HDA) - ??? (QME) ~ ??? (HDA) - June 25th 2014? ~ Present.

Is a Political and Peaceful faction in the wikia formed by HappyDance9 to introduce new suggestions into the mapping community. It was renamed after the NMA has separated from the QMU, causing Happy to rename the faction to HDA.

It was broke up into two alliances again after the Pact is broken by Ironhand and Philipp Mapping.

Currently, some thought it was the successor while a few said it was renamed.

New Mapper Alliance (NMA)

Acronym/Nickname: "Nymans"

Year: March 9th 2014 (As QMU) ~ ???(NMA) - ??? (QME) ~ ??? (NMA) -June 5th 2014? ~ Present.

Is a successor that was broke apart from the QMU. It was broke off QMU now called HDA since May 2014, due to the votes are around 13 and the against are 5.

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