Socialist Republic of Polminsk
19 May 2029–Present
Polminsk2.0.png PolmiskCOAforIron.png
Flag Coat of arms
"Beyond Galaxy"
"Power of Force"
Polminsk map 1.png
Capital Minsk
Capital-in-exile Warsaw
Languages Polish, Belarusian
Religion None
Government (Democratic) Socialist Republic
 -  Head of State Zakovich Mazur
Currency Polminskian Zloty (pZ)
Calling code +596
Internet TLD .srp (Socalist Republika Polminsk)

Polminsk, otherwise known as the Socialist Republic of Polminsk, is a nation located in Eastern Europe.


Background History

For a long time there has been a Polish Minority in Belarus but, after Germans began arrived in masses during the early 2020's, Polish people lost a lot of land to Germans so they began to migrate to Belarus. Belarus welcomed them in open arms and both people groups felt a sense of United Eastern Slavic Nation. Soon they began to rebel against Second Russian Empire. So The Polminskian Liberation Front (PLF) was formed.

The Polminskian Rebellion

Russian Imperial Forces stormed PLF bases in Eastern Poland, when a Pro-PLF protest was quelled down. This made many Belarusian and Polish people furious, so just after 14 hours the attack 10,000 people joined PLF. PLF then made a United Command HQ in Lodz. Soon Pro-PLF rebellions spread across Poland and Belarus, first in Warsawa then Minsk, both cities was taken over by PLF. After ten days of battle Eastern Belarus was taken over by PLF. 

Then PLF cut the main supply roads of Imperial Forces, and 2 days afterwards the Imperial Forces collapsed. Soon The Second Russian Empire was forced to surrender and recognised Polminskian independence and sovereignty in areas controlled by PLF (Poland and Belarus). 


On 19th of May 2029, The Republic of Polminsk was born. But soon there was a divide between Socialists and Capitalists because of arguments on how to run the Country. The more wealthier and richer people wanted less taxes for them and more control over companies and markets. The Socialists wanted more taxes for the Capitalists since the capitalists only cared about themselves and getting richer. The Government which was run by a Liberal Party favoured only people that was more liberal. There was also Anarchists which favoured the Liberal Government. Eventually this turned into a Civil War.

Civil War

The Capitalists formed the United Defence Forces of Polminsk (UDFP), Socialists formed the Socialist Movement of Polminsk (SMP), Liberals and Anarchists formed the Democratic Army of Polminsk (DAP). The start of the Civil war started in March 2031.

The Civil War started when Pro-UDFP protesters stormed the Parliament in Minsk and declared the Liberal Government of Polminsk dissolved and that UDFP now ruled the country. Angered by this SMP members rose up in Central Poland because most Socialists in Poland were located there. DAP rose up in East Belarus while SMP took West Belarus. 

SMP took over West and the coast of Poland. Guerrilla warfare by SMP proved to be highly effective against UDFP and DAP forces in Poland. Soon Poland was occupied by SMP, the now weak and ill equipped UDFP and DAP formed an alliance to crush SMP. But without enough weapons and people UDFP and DAP in Belarus collapsed, the Civil War was declared over after SMP took over the Parliament in Minsk on May 2033.

Polminskian-Adaristani War

A short war between was fought between Polminsk and Adaristan over West Poland. Adaristan meant West Poland belonged to them because there was miniority there but Polminsk the land rightfully belonged to Polminsk and was mostly inhabited by Polminskians. 

The War erupted when Adaristani Soldiers crossed the border and began firing on border checkpoints. The Polminskian Forces stationed there quickly defeated, soon the Polminskian Army took the border areas in Western Poland and Adaristan quickly signed a peace treaty that said: Adaristan would no longer make claims on any Polminskian Territory and was get all Adarstani people out of Polminsk and back into their own country.

Modern Polminsk

In modern times Polminsk is a Socialist country with a Socialist Government. The country has a population of 65 million. The GDP is 15 Trillion GDP, on of the most richest countries in the world. The country technology is very advanced. Pretty much everyone has equal rights except abusive rich companies. LGBT is completely forbidden and the military has a special military unit against it.


Polminsk has a total area of 520,800 square kilometers. It borders mostly slavic countries, but also has a bridge leading to Sweden and Germany. Country has a long coastline stretching from the Southern Baltic to the Gulf of Riga. The tallest mountain is Mount Manzur named after the president.


During summer the temperture is quite comfortable hot. Winters can be quite cold. July is the hottest month of the year. Southern Poland is the hottest region in the country.

Government and Politics

The Polminskian Government is a Socialist Government. The president is the head of state and can make laws to extend the term or eliminate it. Voters vote elect a national congress consisting of 400 members from different political parties.

President appoints the cabinet according to them. The Current President is Zakovich Mazur. The Congress that is controlled by the President's Cabinet makes laws. 

Law and Enforcement

Laws are made and changed by the president and Congress according to the Constitution written in 1715. The Constitution of Polminsk is the supreme law of Polminsk, and consists of written texts. The Slavic Act grants slavic groups more rights and freedom then non-slavs. 

Law enforcement in Polminsk is primarily the responsibility of local police and military departments. The state police provides broader services. The Army often supports the police in major operations against crime. The police and army has a co special unit called the Sila (The Force), this unit is mostly used against protesters.

Main Laws

  • Tobacco is banned and citizens caught having it will get 10 years in jail.
  • Drugs are banned and it will get citizens 15 years in jail.
  • Caught driving while drunk will be 5 years in jail and driver's license will be taken forever.
  • Religion is completely banned due that it's outdated and old, anyone caught doing any form of Religion will be 13 years in jail.
  • Murdering means 40 years in jail or execution.
  • Protesting is not allowed result in 20 years in jail.
  • Unemployment is punishable by exile or 25 years in jail.
  • Monarchists are not tolerated and will be punished with fines or jail.
  • LGBT is illegal.
  • Companies that abuse workers will be exiled from the country.
  • Universal Healthcare for everyone except people who refuse to work but can work.


The Polminskian military into these branches: Ground Forces, Navy and Air Force. The Polminskian Armed Forces have one million active and 500 000 reserve and paramilitary troops, making it the largest military in eastern Europe.

They have about 3000 main battle tanks, 1300 aircraft and 200 vessels in the Navy. The military also possess a low number nukes. Conscription apply to all males and women when they turn 18. Deserters will be shot and people who refuse will end up in jail. The conscription lasts two years. Special Forces are only for males and they to go through a series of physical and military simulations to join it.

There is about 500 SPG's and 6000 AVF's.


Polminsk have one of the highest GDP rankings in the World. It has a largely state-controlled planned economy with socialist principles. The average monthly wage of a Polminskian is 10,000 Polminskian Zloty. Unemployment is just 0,2% due that unemployment is punishable by fines of up to 20 years in jail. 


Polminsk is mostly a slavic cultural country. Polminskian is the biggest culture in Polminsk. Other cultures is Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Czech, Slovak and Serbian.

The Polminskian Culture is a mixture of Polish and Belarusian. Polminskians does not generally favour Russians because of a long history where Polminskians (Back then Polish and Belarusians) was oppressed quite often. Politically Polminskians generally Socialist, a good amount of Ukrainians are Anarchists and Fascist, Russians are either Capitalist or National Bolshevik and Serbians are mostly Liberal or Socialist.

19th of May is a national holiday where people all over the country celebrate their independence from the Second Russian Empire, lots of fireworks are fired on those nights and the traditional Zurek is eaten. 


Nation Alliance Signed
United Great Lakes


30 September 2015