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Polo-Germania is a nation created by Thunder Mapping. It apears in Episode 3 of Alternate Future of Europe (Polo-Germania). Polo-Germania is a Democratic Republic (Non-Communist). Polo-Germania has a total of 98 principalities including its capital Warsaw which is located in the Polish side of the country.


History [Old Series]

In the year 2027, Poland and Germany two good allies that defeated Belgium, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia. They both unite into a superpower called Polo-Germania with their allies Italy, France, Britannia, Israel, Maccadamia and Puerto Rico. In the year 2057 Cuba invaded Capitalist Russia and Finland, he brought back the Soviet union which invaded Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijian, EstoniaLatvia and betrayed Cuba. a couple of years later Britannia and Polo-Germania invaded the Soviet Union making it collapse again; Polo-Germania gained St. Petersburg the Baltics and parts of Russia. A rebellion occurred in Sicily and Sardina; it named it self New Rome later New Roman Empire; the rebellion invaded France, both Italy and France got defeated by the New Roman EmpirePuerto Rico and Maccadamia helped Italy and France but they failed and surrendered all of they're lands. The  New Roman Empire struck again a year later, it destroyed almost all of his allies and made him weak they both went to war but Polo-Germania lost. he surrender and lost the mainland so he changed he's name to Talin once Iran found out that the New Roman Empire was an alien that came from space Iran and all of Africa the Middle East and Crimea went to war against him. As expected they lost. after a bit the New Roman Empire went back to he's planet and Polo-Germania took the land that he had lost. He's allies were back except a bit different. Puerto Rico and France united to form PR-FRanceBritannia changed name to Britanic Isles Italy changed name to ItaliaIsrael joined Pylion and Maccadamia stayed the same. After that point nothing major happened in Polo-Germania. Until Polo-Germania saw rivals and then wars broke out.

Allies / Alliances