Portugal is a country located in Western Europe, in the Iberian Peninsula. It borders Spain.
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Flag of Portugal

History of Portugal

The first peoples to inhabit Portugal were the Celts, that came from France. Later they contacted the Iberian tribes in the east of the Iberian peninsula, forming a mixeture of them called "Celtiberians". Later those tribes broke and the Lusitanian ones arise in most of modern Portuguese territory until the Roman annexion in the 150's BC. Portugal was ruled by the Romans until the fall of their empire, when it was divided by Suaevi and the Visigoths. The Byzantines had a short rule over the southern coast, specially in Faro. In 711 the moors invaded the Iberian peninsula and Portugal fell under their total control until 714, when the armies of Don Pelayo captured Porto. Later, the kingdom of Leon was proclaimed, and Portugal splited from it in 1173. Portugal quickly attacked the arabs capturing Lisbon by 1230. The reconquista in Portugal ended in 1300's. During that century they made an alliance with England that lasts until today. In 1400's Portugal took control of the fortress of Ceuta and the islands of Madeira. In the late XIII Century they wanted to improve world trade and discover new lands, finding the Azores, Cape Verde, Guinean Islands, Timor, Angola and Mozambique, and stablished hugue trade ports in Iran, Yemen, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and China. The Portuguese empire got it's largest colony in 1520 with the annexion of Brazil. Spain annexed Portugal in the 1580's putting a sudden stop to Portuguese's empire. They were restored in 1640 with most of their posessions (except Indonesia). Portugal remained a peaceful nation until it was invaded by Napoleon and Spain in 1807, but Napoleon betrayed Spain, starting the Peninsular war, that was fought between Portugal, UK and Spain vs France. Finally, the coalition defeated France and Portugal was recreated, but in that time a revolt appeared in Brazil kicking Portugal from there, putting end to Portuguese Empire's "Jew of the Crown". Portugal kept expanding in Africa after Berlin conference getting the modern countries of: São Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Guinea-Bissau, Angola and Mozambique. During WW1 Portugal joint the Triple Entente, but didn't won any land, which caused resentiment and that lead to the "Estado Novo", a fascist dictatorship lead by Salazar. This lasted until 1974 when he was kicked from power. The new Portuguese Republic gave independence to all their colonies except Macau, which was finally given to China in 1999 and East-Timor because when East-Timor declared independence, Indonesia annex Timor, only in 2002 Timor gets its independence. Portugal joint the EU and NATO in 1983.

Future of Portugal

Java Sea - Portugal imrpoves on trade and then becomes rich

LKC - Portugal collapsed under Proxima rebels and becomes part of Proxima.

Facts about Portugal

  • Until 1980s, Portugal was one of the few European countries with more incedence of tuberculosis