Republic of Potklemik

קו ד אַללעקסאַנדריע

Flag of Egypt.svg
Poklemik.png Aaa.jpg
Flag Coat of arms
Location of the Potklemiks
Capital Al Quro
Languages Poklem
Official languages Egyptian
Government Fascist Neo zionist Totalitarian Republic, One party state
Leaders Hesdepuerto Cetto
Governor Randemo IV
Prime Minister Damd IV
Historical era Future
 - Formation of Poklemiks 2093
 - Cyrenaï disput with Rumas 2527
 - Equestrian Invasions 25th century
 - Yavhe wars 27th and 28th century

Poklemik (or Potklemik) is a great country in Libya region. It is the descendant of Israel and Egypt. It has five million km of space and it is a dictatorship, with the death penalty. It is in the Rumas Alliance.


This country has a big population, with some great cities in the Egyptian region, like Al Quro (named too Memphisse), where five million people live (15 million with agglomeration). Population Country is 172 million inhabitants.


This country has been participated in the Rumas alliance, to destroy the Equestrian alliance. Before 2080, this country was Egypt, but a revolution occurred, and the name changed, at the end of war against Rumas in 22th century, the country have claimed Cyrenia who was disputed, the region will belong to Poklemiks until 2209 and will retaken after a second war against Rumas. On the map histories, borders between Rumasian Libya and Poklemiks was not really correctly traced and detailed, much controversy was imposed on Poklemiks borders and a great part countries thinking that Cyrenai was definitely to Poklemiks after war. During the Equestrian colonization, Poklemik was attacked, and its southern part was destroyed and must be re-industrialized after offensive. Poklemik participated in the Yahve wars with defeats.

Asrael is a province which is always revolted to Poklemiks regime. This small province is leaded by partisans with limited power.

Politic and Justice

This country rests largely Ptolomeism (before, it was Judaism). This country get a dictator with a fascist political party. This country forbid discrimination like Rumas and Seleufist but democracy index is very bad.In this country, a simple discrimination cost 500 000 rajs and a homicide is up to death penalty.

Political parties :

- Aigyptos Nationalist Party 

- New Socialist party (limited) , this party has limited authorizations due to his pro zionist ideology. It can be find in Phenicia.

- Conservative Egyptian party (Limited)

In this country, we find a special category. Like this country is fascist, it's the party's leader who have the biggest importance:

Main leaders :

- Leader of the party 

- President, Governor, Vice-president, vice-governor

- Minister of army, of interior, economy, healt, education, security, marine, war, intelligence, culture, ideology, SDS, protection, information, geology, differences, wastes, technical.

Other (legislative power, constitution) :

- Congress of Ptoleme

- Halles

- Aygyptos Constitute

List of official leaders :

Like most of other regimes, it's the party leader who lead the country.

Lead of the party :

- Hunderven Gunschu : 2085 - 2122

- Hurneche : 2122 - 2192

- Mohamet Hunderech : 2192 - 2246

- Himmlane Iun Alluh : 2246 -2322

- Runshe Herme : 2322 -2402

- Sa-Adolf Reuss Hunderban : 2402 - 2466

- Kechene Mognorodus : 2466 - 2542

- Kaalahol Lul Al Hunderve : 2542 - 2622

- Dengaria Undebe : 2622 - 2692

- Dranefun Ubraj-ul : 2692 - 2811

- Chadapfil Hesdepuerto Catty : 2811 -


This country has more than 9.95 million soldiers, Poklemik was becoming a great power since 23th century and like this country is very powerful in the rest, we find many arms:

- 25,000 tanks

- 15,000 aircraft

- 12,000 planes

- 150,000 artilleries

- 12,000 anti-tanks

- 1520 nuclear bombs

- 282 hydrogen bombs

- 122 fusion bombs

- 52 gravity bombs

- 26 dark energy bombs

- 12 new energy bombs


In the economy, we find more than 15 trillion dollars. This is the third richest country in the world after Rumas state, Kaloshinna socialist republic and Pannian Empire (get the even GDP than Kaloshinna in 2820), Poklemik get the biggest GDP per capita. This country get a special strict money system which permit to accelerate the growth money rate, but every peoples don't get freedom and are forced to get heavy taxes, a serious problems for poor peoples and minorities. Like this country is a country with unique-party government, It's the most avoided country for social satisfaction after Rumas.

Culture and civil problems

Even if the country get a great powerful economy, this country get revolt in Asrael (Levant) which refuse to get fascism, conservatism and Socialism but which prefer Neutral ideas. Garabal Gunade, the leader of this region want to give freedom from Poklemik state. In fact, more than ten million people want to leave this country for antisemitic reasons, the province can't give independence.