• Trio will dismantle the Anti - Ethan League
  • Trio will change his official nation to avoid conflicts
  • Trio will apologize to Ethan, Golden and all the people he insulted.
  • Trio will refrain from vandalising the wiki and adding derogatory material
  • Trio will refrain from the creation of alternate accounts
  • Trio will refrain from the publication of material that is derogatory or offensive to a member of the wikia
  • Trio will refrain from the creation of conspiracy theories involving members of the wikia
  • Trio will receive a 3 year ban and will not attempt to appeal against such decision
  • All mappers involved in the mass disliking of Trio's videos will refrain from such acts
  • All involved parties will refrain from the creation of propaganda against the other side

If Trio agrees with this and does not complete the rules, his block will be longer. If the mappers agree with this and don't complete the rules, Trio's block will shorten.


  • Kolonel
  • Goldenrebel25
  • Trio (ive seenn the comments on youtube saying he shall sign and i think you forgot so Here you go)(wow hess such a prick)
  • Swede mapping (had nothing to do with the war but Wars do not do any good)