Area I: The Eastern Front of the Grand Higyal


Clean area dense with planets and systems.


Habitable planet with little or no flatlands, they have supported as a trading system, led towards their own species, Recausia. They evolved from a small rodents into a species which eventually uses the builds ecological. The small continents result them to live and created territories of provided defence.

The clean anthosphere creates a little thicker which is 1.25 times as Earth, oxygen, nitrogen is lowered down since the Co2 is rising resulting trees to be spreading through the land and also the cities.

The species are very small on 0.6m, it's rather to be a smallest and the species is rather more of a small minor of the Grand Higyal sector, their fingers are likely six which spoken an unearthly language.Currently, they are under the new order which the other government is more of a Communism-like.

Species list

  • Ruferald (small rodent-like)
  • Uriliccus (small rodent-like)
  • Feliera (worm-like appearance but consumes meat)
  • Cafergean (fish-like, swims backwards)

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