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Republic of Pylion
רפובליקה של ףיליוֹנ
1900 - Present

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Capital Pylia
Religion Judaism
Government Republic {{{common_name}}}, 1900]]
Historical era Modern
Calling code [[Telecommunications of {{{common_name}}}|+351]]
Pylion in 2031
Pylion Provences

Pylion is a nation Created by Asdf Mapping in his first video.

Statistics and Stuff

Nation Gender: Male (It is a male in countryballs and other stuff)

Political Views: Democratic, Liberal Democracy

Map of asdf-0
The National Color of Pylion: Yellow

HDI: 0.968

Military: 6 million

Population: about 350 million

ON Allies:

Belfrug: Soap Buddies!


HHK: Donut Buddies!


Aklaristan: Best Allies










Pylion is a Member of the The New Donut Order.

Fun Facts:

Pylion has no Wal-Marts

It has advanced technology

It is Asdf Mapping's Official Nation

The National Food of Pylion is Donuts

When Pylion is in control of a lot of land in the Arabian Peninsula and Africa, it is called the Jewish Caliphate.

If Pylion was a real world country, its history would be:


Pylion in Pink because it was the only color not previously used

After the Jewish revolution of 1899, Pylion was given independence from Great Britain in 1900. Pylion spent the time between 1900-1914 modernizing and Industrializing the country. By 1914, the country was a powerful force. Pylion decided to align itself with the Entente, and joins the British Commonwealth. Pylion invaded the Ottoman Empire in 1914 and at first met with a stalemate but by 1916, Damascus and Mecca had been taken. British and Pylionese forces met in Aleppo in 1917 and had made it into central and western Turkey by war's end, in 1918.

Map of pylion 1933

After the war, Pylion was awarded Israel. Pylion profited greatly until the stock market crash of 1929, when it started to go into a great depression. In 1936, Pylion went to war with Greece over Crete and was awarded the island after the war had ended in a Pylionese victory. When France and UK declared war on Nazi Germany in 1939, Pylion also declared war.

Pylion invaded Libya Early 1940, but it was not successful. Italy was able to push Pylion out and started to invade Pylion itself. For the rest of 1940, the front was stagnant until Italy conducted a huge offensive and made it to Alexandria. The battle of Alexandria took place November 9-December 3, 1940, a huge battle causing casualties on both sides. But in the end, Pylion emerged victorious.


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