Remember the page here? Qual Empire

It's outdated and now it's Arcian Empire 2.0.



Its origins are unknown, theories said its 750 billion years old. Its modern form starts around 4.9 billion years ago, 590 million years after the formation of Sol. Most of the empires from 13.7 billion years ago and earlier are lost so the origins are uncertain, but they are now purely as gods of the whole universe just before the end of the previous universe.

Its average lifespan should be around 200 years (earth). Most of the knowledge and history are lost every 200 years but the internet of them carries on, as far in 90 CE (TAFOE S3), they were human 'prophets' when they landed, they created a religion in North.

Colonisation (12.5bya-12.1bya)

After the collapse of the previous universe, the Quals scouts the whole new universe, there they found Milky Way. So they begin to colonise after a few billion years.

New Empires (12.1bya-2.5bya)

Most of the Quals have colonised the universe, including the Magellenic clouds then further. Some civilisations developed intelligence and seek to develop and try to overrun their economy and religion.

The Conquest of the Universe (2.5bya-1750 AQA)

Dominants (1750 AQA-1800 AQA)

After all of them conquering the whole universe, they began to conquer Earth, the last target of their slavery. Most of the humans see some incidents on those spaceships as they placed satellites where humans are still in the Modern Era.

The humans retreated to the new world to avoid the Quals enslave humanity, there has been loss and Quals are investigating the trans-dimensional portal and it's actually a Qual-proof portal, but with god powers they will think of a plan to conquer the whole continent and the humans they are seeking.

The Harness (1800 AQA-1810 AQA)

Since the Quals can't open the portal itself, they need to travel to the new world by Sagittarius A*. Harnessing energy to create a portal, now every one year is 100 years ADM, so they are slower and the humans are faster and develop lots of new adaptions.


.       .Was du ask was ist this? Ist secret, but information will sein seen soon.





Purely avian but has various appearances after they have god powers. This is the Milky Way.


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