Qysidi (QWY-syd-ih) is a language and the official language of Qysid, created by Olimario948 and appeared in his Alternate Future of Europe Mapping series. It is primarily spoken in African and Middle-eastern Qysid along with minority speakers in European Qysid. The language desended from various dialects of Arabic with some native north African languages.


Basic phrases

These are the basic phrases of the Qysidi language.

  • Hello: Selemkaren (Formal) Selem (Informal)
  • How are you: Kujet hānak
  • Thank you: Shanatrun (Formal) Shanat (Informal)
  • Your welcome: Tarinsaher
  • Where are you from: Eido Karunmer dunhat
  • I am from the United States: Anamet hamahat Walhut Munian
  • I am from the United Kingdom: Anamet hamahat Walhut Al-Manita

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