Raetian Mapping is a German Mapper from Bavaria. He joined Mapping on the 5th April 2017 and his style is a mixture between classic text and countryball dialects.


Discovery of Mapping

Raetian watched YouTube since 2015 and had always had a faible for geography, history and science. After the algorhythm showed him videos about these things he found a video called "Alternative Future of Europe - Season 1: The Movie" from Dylan´s World. After that he quickly began to watch multiple Mappers and got really interested in it.

Creation of the YouTube Channel

In November 2016 he made his first Mapping files with the help of Dylan´s Mapping tutorial. But only after some months he decided to upload it. At first he named his channel "sekilandMapping" from his standard gaming/internet username "Sekiland" with the suffix "Mapping", but since that didn´t sound good and was pretty meaningless he changed it to first "RaetianMapping" and then "Raetian Mapping" with a space between the words. The explanation of the name can be seen in the etymology-section. Although the first video on the channel is AFoAsia, he first made an AFoE-series, which he uploaded as a 10-sub special as a movie later.

Slow Growth & Computer Crisis

At that time he nearly uploaded a video everyday, which may have not been the best decision for the growth of the channel. No video had time to get out to YouTube before it was replaced by a newer one. The growth in subscribers was small, it got from 2 to around 25 in multiple months, what demotivated him. After joining Google + his channel was given a bit more traffic. But on 1st January 2018 his computer crashed down and he lost all mapping-files newer than of the 11th November. Until 21st March he had to map on his laptop, because later the PC fully stopped working, until it was fixed.

Current situation

After this struggle, Raetian could finally begin to work on his serieses again. He wrote a script for his newest AFoE episode for the first time and is currently working on said series. He also got more active on Google +, which brought him many new subscribers, even without a new video. Raetian has 65 subs as of now.

Etymology of the name "Raetian Mapping"

The name "Raetian Mapping" derives from the ancient Roman province of Raetia, which existed in the Roman Empire and can be found in the name of the Raetoroman people in modern day Switzerland. He took this name, since his hometown Regensburg was/is a big city in the Raetian area.

Mapping dialect

Raetian´s dialect is rather classic, he improved his style from one layer-antialising-without textbox-Mapping to a dialect with some series in Countryballs and others with text. Also his change from circle tool Countryballs to fully drawn/traced Countryballs is worth mentioning.

Evolution of Raetian´s Mapperball: