Republic of Colorado

Independence from USA

July 12, 2040

Annexed by Rockia

October 28, 2045





Preceded by

State of Colorado (USA)

Seceded by

Province of Colorado (Rockia)

Colorado was a nation in Monsoonjr99's Alternate Future of the World Series. It was a short lived democratic republic that seceded from the USA in 2040, and was annexed by Rockia in 2045.


Secession from the United States

In 2040, Texas seceded from the USA, triggering the United States breakup crisis. In June, the subject of the federal government prohibiting recreational use of marijuana led to Washington and Colorado threatening to secede as well. Washington was the first to secede, doing so on June 30, 2040. Twelve days later, Colorado followed suit. The rest of the USA broke up over the next two years.

Five years of Independence

Role in the breakup of the USA

Colorado demonstrated for the independence of various other US states, and even sent troops in 2041 across the border into Wyoming, which nearly turned into a war. Rockia was helped by colorado after seceding from the USA.

Economic instability

Due to Colorado's economy being based on a cannabis cash crop, it was quite unstable and easily provoked by a poor harvest. Rockia aided Colorado with economic support, ultimately annexing it.

Annexation by Rockia

Due to the economic instability, a referendum to join Rockia was held. The options were, no, to remain as an independant Republic of Colorado, and yes, to become a constituent province of Rockia. The referendum, held on January 6, 2045, had a 73% majority to join Rockia. In March of 2045, Rockia's parliament voted on a bill to annex Colorado in October. 42 of the 60 members of Rockia's parliament voted yes to annexing Colorado. On October 28, 2045, Colorado was annexed by Rockia and became a province. This added 18 more seats to Rockia's parliament.

Government & Politics

Colorado had two major political parties and a slew of minor parties. The big two were the Peoples' Party, and the Democratic-Whig Party, both of which were extensions of political parties in other entities of the broken united states. The Democratic-Whig Party evolved from the Democratic Party of the USA, while the People's Party evolved from the Republican. Colorado had a four-year prime ministry term, similar to the four year presidential term of the USA. The Democratic-Whig and Peoples' Parties were merged into the Rockian Whig and Federal-Republican Parties, respectively, when Colorado was annexed by Rockia.

List of Prime Ministers of Colorado

List of Coloradan Prime Ministers
Rank Name Party Dates Notes
(Interim) John P. Meyers

Democratic (USA)

July 12, 2040 - October 17, 2040 Founded the Democratic-Whig Party on October 17, 2040.
Democratic-Whig October 17, 2040 - January 1, 2041
1 Henry C. Johnson Democratic-Whig January 1, 2041 - January 1, 2045 None
2 Karen F. Peters Peoples' January 1, 2045 - October 28, 2045 Prime Ministry ended with the annexation by Rockia.

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