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''Night-map'' of Romania by The Blue Mapper, showing the 9 historical regions.

Romania is a country in Eastern Europe in the Balkans. It shares a border with Hungary, Serbia, Moldova, Ukraine, and Bulgaria.


Prehistory (3500 BC to 600 BC)

Romanian Prehistory was also the point from where the European Civilization began, I know that some of you will say "Hey! No way! Greece was the first European civilization!" Well, no, Romania was because of Cucuteni Civilization, which extended from Romania to Ukraine, why they became a civilization? Because of their special pottery which wasn't seen on any civilization of that time, also, for the today speculations that the Sphinx from Bucegi Mountains was built by them. Then when more civilizations in Europe appeared, they changed their name to Dacian Tribes.

Ancient times (600 BC to 270 AD)

When the Dacian Tribes were formed, they had something very different from other barbarians, they were a little more civilized, unlike the German Tribes or the Gauls, they had sewage systems and even toilets! (Yeah, Germans urinated wherever they wanted...) Then, after some more time, in Dacian tribes, the Great Ruler, Burebista united the Dacian Tribes with the help of the Great priest Deceneu. He united the other tribes with the sword or with the religion, speaking of Religion, Dacians even had their own gods with Zalmoxis,the main Dacian god. The Dacians lived peacefully and traded with the Greeks through the Greek colonies of Tomis, Calatis and many more. But when the Romans conquered the Balkans, they turned their attention to the Dacian Tribes, united again under another ruler, Decebal. The Wars with the Romans were separated in two wars, The First Daco-Roman war and the Second Daco-Roman War. In the First War, Romans crossed the Danube in the Dacian lands and made some "castres" (Roman Castles) along the Danube river. After the Romans conquered the Northern part of the Danube, Ruler Decebal attacked with the Schytian allies on today's Dobrogea and so raided the Roman supply routes, but the Dacians couldn't match the Roman Legions, and so Lost South Dacia, resulting in the loss of the Dacian Tribes, but also marked the beginning of ethno-genesis of the Romanian people, after a year passed without war, Emperor Trajan declared war again on the Dacian Peoples, the Dacians still tried to fight bravely, but they couldn't do any thing this time, and so Trajan captured Sarmisegetuza and renamed it, Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetusa, he carved on the Carpathians Decebal's head with the saying, "DECEBALUS REX DACIAN - DRAGAN FECIT" meaning King Decebal - made by Dragan.

Dacian City names:

-Sarmisegetusa (the capital of the Dacians and later, Ulpia Traiana Sarmisegetusa)





Cities made by Romans during the Roman rule of Dacia:





During the Roman Rule of Dacia, Romans extracted all of the Dacian Gold from the Mountains, or so they thought ... but they were very desperate of finding Decebal's treasure, although he put a curse to the person who would take it. But the treasure was never found, so when they took all the gold,they abandoned it.

Early Middle Ages (270 AD to 1200 AD)

The Early Middle Ages for the Romanian people meant a dark age for our people, the provinces were ruled by independent Mayors or Dukes. Also, at the beginning of the Dark Ages, our people were ruled by Germanic tribes such as Goths and Gepids ... and later with Huns ravaging Europe, the Goths ran from the Huns and moved to the south of the Danube river, after the Goths left, the Huns destroyed and sacked all villages around and took their resources for their own, later, when the Huns died out, other tribes soon settled here and with the slavic migration into the Balkans, the ethno-genesis was done, the Proto-Romanians were formed, but not independent yet!

After the ethno-genesis, our people tried to live their lives peacefully ... but then the Magyars came and started to invade the land of modern Romania and Hungary, towns and villages sacked, but our people outlasted them all. And finally,the huns passed, but now, the Bulgarians arrived, but this one conquered us and it kept us for a long time, but if you think the the Magyar danger passed, well, no ... They invaded our lands in Banat, Crisina, Maramures and the rest of Transylvania, but this process took 150 years for them, because we fought them, and the big victory we had over them, was the battle of Posada, where our troops were victorious, but they still conquered it in the end.

The forming of the First Romanian Duchy, or voivodship, happened around the IX Century (I'm not sure) and it was formed by Mircea cel Batran (Mircea the old) through a long process called Th and Mircea (don't blame me for the name, google translated translated this ...) our people have finally taken independence when the Th and was done, thus forming of the first Romanian Duchy, Wallachia, or Tara Romaneasca (very accurate translation: The Romanian Country) after some years, Moldavia did the same thing, through the Th and Bogdan, or Th and Moldavia where Bogdan fled from Maramures (The Northern Second-most Northern part of Romania) to Moldavia and formed the Duchy of Moldavia, or The Voivodship of Moldavia.

Capital of Wallachia until 1500: Targoviste

Capital of Moldavia: Iasi

Middle Ages (1200 AD to 1600 AD)

The Middle Ages for our proud people represented a slightly good prosperity for us, I mean, we have managed to make a new culture in the Balkans, The Romanian Culture, and we have also built some nice castles, like Sighisoara Castle, Targoviste which was both castle and city. Also we managed to make some good rulers along the way, like Vlad Tepes, who killed the bandits and criminals, also brought Romania to a Golden age of Prosperity he also fought the Turks for the Freedom of our people, but he couldn't face them because as he said "We are few, they are many" so he surrendered and became a vassal of Turks.

Stefan cel Mare (Stephan the Great) who fought the Turks on Killia and the White Castle, he managed to beat the Turks pretty badly, but he couldn't win the war. Also, he didn't want to wage war on two fronts because he knew that he would lose. Also, he had a really good mother, He asked her if she could open the gates to a castle to let him retreat, but she said "You shall not enter this castle until all of the Turks are dead or falling back" Then he had nothing more to do than to take all his remaining troops and make a charge to the Turks, he eventually won the battle.

Also, Transylvania was a Romanian state, but under Hungarian rule, they had some Romanian rulers, too!

Iancu de Hunedoara (Iancu of Hunedoara) was one of them, who was a vassal of the Hungarian king, Matei Corvin. Also, he brought the Romanian people in Transylvania to prosperity and good wealth, Iancu de Hunedoara was an Hungarian aristocrat, ban of Severin, voivod of Transylvania, and later, regent of Hungary, he was one of the most wealthy men in Europe in his time ...

And finally, Mihai Viteazu (Mihai the brave), this man is holy for our people, his rule started as a vassal of Ottomans, and so, he went into Transylvania and reconquered it and then, he went into Moldavia to take it back, so the road was like this: Romania ---> Transylvania ----> Moldavia.

After he united the Romanian lands, the Turks sent an emissary to collect tribute from us, and Mihai Viteazu said, NO! Thus starting the First War of Romanian Independence, when the war started, the Turks had the Southeastern part of Wallachia, and our first priority was to take it back, of course, but also, it wasn't an easy job because their numbers were much greater than our numbers, but Mihai Viteazu was also a good tactician, and knew the Turkish weakness, and so, he managed to retake the lost ground, after the land was retaken, he decided to march to Dobrogea, to have a sea exit, he managed to take Dobrogea, and then, he marched along the coastline ... he nearly laid siege to Constantinople, but his troops were too few in order to attack the city walls, and so he fell back to Varna, There, the Pope called a crusade in order to make a foothold there, but the Turks managed to defend Varna, and so, our troops fell back to Wallachia, but the Austrian King was scared by Mihai Viteazu, he thought that we may take independence and later form our own empire, he thought bad in fact because Mihai's only goal was to unite the people of Romania under one state and then defend it ... and the Austrian king sent an assassin to Kill Mihai, sadly, the assassin managed to kill Mihai by cutting his head off ... he did this while he was returning home ... and when he died, so the United Romania died and the war was lost, because of Habsburgs ... damn them ... and so, once again, Romania was separated again in three states ruled by Turks this time ...

Capital of Wallachia : Bucharest

Capital of Moldavia: Iasi

Under Enemy Rule (1600 to 1870)

After the end of the War of Independence,Romania was once again under enemy rule, this time, the rulers were Turkish! And so, our country was truly defeated now ... in these years ... nothing really happened in our countries ... only that Bucovina was lost in the XVII Century ... Bessarabia was lost in 1812 ... and later ... Oltenia, but it eventually returned back to Romania ... the action really started when Alexandru Ioan Cuza (that's his entire name) took the throne of Romania and and he was elected both in Wallachia and Moldavia, because the Turkish rulers were killed and none of their heirs was alive ... and when Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected in both countries ... he united Wallachia and Romania under one state, Romania, this was called in our records, the "Little Unification" because when he united it ... there was only Wallachia and Moldavia united back then ... but later, he left the Throne to a German high class man called Carol I Hohenzollern Siegmaringen ... (Don't ask me how I know that name ...). Also, Carol I was called Carol the Independence Taker, because he fought against the Turks and managed to take victory! And so finally, Romania was independent.

Capital of Romania: Bucharest

Carol I rule (1866 - 1914)

Modern Times (1870 to today)

After freedom was taken, Our King, Carol I fought in other wars, too, like in The First Balkan War and the Second Balkan war, but in Romania, was knowing that in Transylvania a new Party arose, National Romanian Party ... (NRP in English and PNR on Romanian) In Romanian it's called: Partidul National Roman, and they looked to the prosperity of the Romanian peoples in Transylvania and for its autonomy. And also, they sent a Petition to free Transylvania and give it Autonomy ... actually, in the years 1860-1866 the people there were treated like in Romania ... and they were even let to speak their own language ... but with the Austro-Hungarian Dualism ... Romanian wasn't accepted anymore within the Empire, and so PNR or NRP was formed to protect the Romanian peoples in Transylvania ... the same thing happen in Bucovina and Bessarabia ... When the First Balkan war erupted Romania didn't get involved and stayed cool ... but when the Second Erupted in 1913 ... Romania was involved against Bulgaria and managed to fight in Dobrogea and Eventually, to sweep down in Bulgarian land ... when the war ended, Romania had Dobrogea and Some other Bulgarian parts ... and eventually Romania traded the lands with Bulgaria and so, Romania got the Cadrilater (South Dobrogea) and Bulgaria got the lost lands, now, Romania has got the control of the whole of Dobrogea, after the War was over, Romania started to, oh, yeah, and I forgot to mention that in the time of the Revolution, the Romanian anthem was written, here's the link if you want to listen to it now, let's return to the main story line, so, Romania won the Balkan War.


When the WW1 started in 1914, we didn't join it because we wanted to see what happened to Austria-Hungary ... Now in 1916, Romania joined the war, at the start, we managed to take some Transylvanian lands, and also, we managed to take some parts of Transylvania, but when the Austria-Hungarians reached us, we started to fall because our troops were unskilled with weapons and not really equipped for this fight, and so, we had to fall back, although ... VERY HARD BATTLES WERE HELD in Transylvania, VERY BLOODY BATTLES!!!

And so, we were forced to withdraw to Muntenia, because Oltenia was already taken by Austrians ... and so Dobrogea by Bulgarians, and now, we had to retreat everything, even the parliament to Moldavia ... and the parliament was replaced in Iasi, when Russians finally reached the Front lines we stayed and fought another BLOODY BATTLE!!!! On the Carpathians ... also, we have sent our treasury to Moscow for Russians to cover it ... they never gave it back ... when the Russians surrendered we have surrendered we have entered in a truce because we were left alone ... but in 1917, we entered again to retake the lost lands ... also in that year we retook Bessarabia.

Now, in 1 December 1918, the Holy day for Romania, All of Romanian territory united under One Banner, One country, One Rule ... Romania ... this event is known throughout history as the Great Unification of the Romanian Peoples, thus forming the Great Kingdom of Romania.


Romania at the start of WW2 stayed neutral, because they had nothing else to do, Bessarabia, Bucovina, Transylvania were ours so we had nothing to do but to defend against any other aggressor,well,in 1940,we couldn't do anything about Bessarabia because USSR was one thousand times times the size of us,so they gave us an ULTIMATUM to give them Bessarabia, then, after so more time, Bulgaria took South Dobrogea, then, we had nothing to do but to join the Nazis ... I know ... but if we had joined the communists, we would have died ... but ... we have also lost N Transylvania because of Huns ... (we took it back when Nazis were falling back and when we joined the communists) so, the war for Romania actually started on 22 June 1941, when Operation: Barbarossa started, when it started, the communists didn't defeat us, but we defeated them, we took back Transylvania and eventually Odessa and Crimea, also, we advanced on the Soviets and kinda beat them hard ... also, we Romanians took part at Stalingrad and other battles. But things soon changed when Russians drank 100 bottles of Vodka and they got Berserk on us ... as you know,they just marched on us and eventually ... took Bessarabia again ... when this happened, our Marshal Ion Antonescu got executed by the Soviets ... and so, we passed to the Russian side ... we took Transylvania back and also marched again on Budapest ... AGAIN! We also took part on the Slovakian assault and other places ... so yup, that's all I can say about WW2, so, in WW1 we won, but in WW2 we lost ...

KINGS OF Romania:

Carol I the Liberator (1866-1914) |

Ferdinand I the Unifier (1914-1927) |

Mihai I (1927-1930) |=> In total we had four Kings.

Carol II (1930-1940) |

Mihai I (yes,it's the same person) (1940-1947) |


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ReDirect Mapping

Romania regains Moldavia and the whole of Bessarabia, also, it regains Northern Bucovina and the Southern Dobrogea ... and refroms The Great Romania!!

Multi Mappers

Romania regains Moldavia and sells the southern lands to Bulgaria for lots of moola!

Mapper Freaker

Romania will get Moldavia and some western parts of Ukraine, and will eventually become one of the dominant European countries.


Romania unites with Moldova (likely) Romania gets part of Ukraine (maybe) Romania loses land to Hungary (unlikely) Romania loses land to Bulgaria (maybe, but unlikely) Romania colonizes Mercury and becomes a powerful intergalactic empire (XD)

João Dinis Carvalho

In my series of New alternative future of Europe, Romania suffers a communist revolution and changes her name to Socialist Republic of Romania, shares Bulgaria with Ottomania, but SRR is conquered by USSR until when has very tension between Sayid and USSR causing the independence of Romania, causing the independence of the Romanian Bulgaria going to Sayid. In the end Romania ends in economic crisis which causes the formation of a puppet state called the USSR Romania. In the end of Nuclear War, Romania dies and past 1000 years the Romanian zone calls Ronschdilatia.


Serbia gets into war with Romania because Romania declared war, Hungary is on Serbia's side and gains old lands, Serbia gets land too, Ukraine and Bulgaria take land too.


Moldova wants to join Romania.


Moldova gains Odessa and joins Romania, it entered in a war with Hungary. And it gains some eastern parts from Hungary. Then Hungary annexes Slavonia and then Slovakia with Zakarpattia. It then annexes Vojvodina from Novasrbija and Transylvania from Romania and then Hungary becomes Greater Hungaria. But, however, Greater Hungaria wasn't lucky and after World War III, Romania got back Transylvania and the parts it annexed back to the neighbouring countries, including independence to Slovakia. The Neighbouring Countries except Russia attacks Romania, Thus getting some parts of Romania and Austria-Hungaria got most of Transylvania and the rest was given to New Moldavia. However, the Second Romanian War of independence occurred and Romania got independence from New Moldavia and gained Transylvania back and it got land from Hungary who fell 126 years later. And they managed to evacuate in space after the third Nuclear wars started and blew up the earth.


Romania becomes ruled by Bain