Ronschdilatia was created in 2017, after First European war, when Romania, who lost the majority of his homeland, decided to form a country with of lands, which Romania had won in the war.

The main objective of the Ronschdilatia is to unite whole Balkan into one country, and completely surround the Black Sea. Ronschdilatia is pronounced ( Ronsch-di-lei-tia). Ronschdilatia first appeared in the fourth part of Mapper Freaker TFOE, and it's his official nation.

Democratic Dictatorship of Ronschdilatia




254,740 square kilometers.


Romanian, Ukrainian


Democratic dictatorship


Iași,Sevastopol, Odessa, Rostov-na-Donu,




Miho Miyazaki (R 67/96) City Carrier






Ronschdilatia once dominated the entire Balkans as well as part of Anatolia, until the other neighbor states invaded the Balkans back partially. After that, Ronschdilatia made an alliance with Serbatija and Apulia.


Ground forces

Șoarece 354/23-3

One of main reasons, why Ronschdilatia's army is so powerful, is their secret weapon, Șoarece 354/23-3 Tank. It was inspired by famous German tank, Panzer VIII. Șoarece 354/23-3 is basically same tank as Panzer VIII, but Șoarece 354/23-3 has 176mm anti-tank gun as main armament. Șoarece 354/23-3 is also 13.5 meters long, 5.5 meters wide and 4.7 meters high. This tank usually needs crew of 8.

R/M 26-12(r/m/b)

Second of main reasons for Ronschdilatia's power is their Armored cars, R/M 26-12(r/m/b). These cars are so heavily armed, that they could be called as medium tanks, as their weapons and armor are similar to M15/42. Cars are still able to reach top speed of 170 Km/h. (R/M indicates type of car, since Romanian and Moldovan half of Ronschdilatia have their different type of it. r/m/b indicates places, where cars were build)

Other tanks

Other tanks that Ronschdilatia has, are basically same than USSR tanks, with some minor edits, such as modern guns and other.


Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster

Ronschdilatia has also tried to make their own prototype of Landkreuzer P. 1500 Monster, But they haven't yet success from that.

Landkreuzer P.1000 Ratte

Ronschdilatia has also tried to do prototype from Ratte, and they have success from that, and named their prototype as Șobolan.


Ronschdilatia has 4 aircraft carrier, which one is Nimitz-class, one is Kitty Hawk-class, and two big aircraft carriers, which doesn't have class. Other one is one hundred meters larger than Nimitz-class aircraft carriers, and other one is 5 kilometers long, and isn't actually aircraft carrier, and is more like city carrier, since deck of this ship, (called Miho Miyazaki (R 67/96)) is city of 35,783 people. (which is also capital of Ronschdilatia.) (This carrier, of course, isn't able of leaving Black sea.)

Ronschdilatia also has 36 sub-marines.

Ronschdilatia also has 143 battle crusaders.

Ronschdilatia also has many other warships located all around the world, but they don't have such a huge amount of weaponry as carriers, sub-marines and battle crusaders.

Air forces

Ronschdilatia actually doesn't have own Air Force, since all their planes are part of Aircraft carriers.

Exact numbers of AFV of Ronschdilatia

Number of all AFV are:

750 Șoarece 354/23-3 (which 300 are placed near of Iasi)</span>

29,450 R/M 26-12(r/m/b)

100 Object 279

225 IS-7

450 KV-2

1,640 T-60 tank

3,570 T-28 tank

Total number of AFV: 36185 After fall of Ronschdilatia, over half of AFV did go to Celethor

Dictators of Ronschdilatia

{M} = male {F} = female

2017-2042: Alexandru Miyazaki {M} (was shot by Angel Ognianov)

2042-2045: Dragomir Vladimirescu {M} (was killed by Fane Miyazaki)

2045-2045: Angel Ognianov {M} (was killed in Ronschdi-Moravia war)

2045-2047: Markov Yangelov {M} (retired from politics)

2047-2056: Fane Miyazaki {M} (Son of Alexandru Miyazaki, was assasinated by Chiyoko Miyazaki)

2056- 2078: Chiyoko Miyazaki {F} (Daughter of Alexandru Miyazaki, retired from politics)

2078- 2079: Ivanov Vladimirescu {M} (Son of Dragomir Vladimirescu, died by falling from his own balcony)

2079-2082: Ivanov Miyazaki {M} (Brother of Alexandru Miyazaki, died of old age)

2082-2088: Bartolomej Yankov {M} (Died in car accident)

2088-2135: Miho Miyazaki {F} (daughter of Chiyoko Miyazaki, was shotted by Bartol Yankov)

2135-2137: Bartol Yankov {M} (son of Bartolomej Yankov, died in War against Cherlo)

2137-2137: Bronislav Pasternack {M} (Died in war against Cherlo)

2137-2137: Feofilakt Zolenrowich {M} (Alcoholism)

2137-2138: Nika Pasternack {F} (Wife of Bronislav Pasternack, died in war against Cherlo)

2138-2147: Fedora Utra {F} (Died in war against Valgond [part of Ronschdi-Euro war])

2147-2155: Serghei Voltov {M} (Died in war against Netrefas [part of Ronschdi-Euro war])

2155-2157: Radu Marinov {M} (Died in Fallout of Ronschdilatia)

Fall of Ronschdilatia

In 2145, When Ronschdilatia had declare war to whole Europe, Other european countries started to create secret weapon, code name of that secret weapon was J.A.B.R.I.L (It isn't known, where that code name came). After 12 years of war, 2157, Secret weapon was ready, and it was sent to Ronschdilatia. In a few weeks, Ronschdilatia was fallen.

Ronschdilatia fall in 2153 second time, when Ronschdilatia helped other European countries to fight against Time zombies. And that was end of Ronschdilatia.