The Empire of Runistrizeendia is a great empire situate in India, Pakistan and a bit of China.

Is the third official nation of João Dinis Carvalho.

Population: 50 500 320

Government: Religious Empire

GDP: 1,32 bilion

Capital: Goa (Seat of government), Delì (National capital), Madras (Religious capital)

Ethnic Groups:

  • Pakistanis: 25 %
  • Chineses: 32 %
  • Indians: 43 %

Currency: Runistrizeendian Ruby ( 1 RR = 20 $ and 1 $ = 2 RR )

Animal: Elephant

Motto: “एक आदमी, एक जीवन - A man, a life”

Civil Rights: Somes

Date of Formation: 2120

Official Languages: Hindu, Arab and Chinese

Official Religion: Hinduism/ Islam/ Shinto

Emperador: Vidosht I (2120 - ...)

Religious Leader: Danish Manishus (2122 - ...)


The flag of Runistrizeendia


The red shows Runistrizeendia and the orage shows the lands that the same countrie wants

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