Russian Federation
Российская Федерация
Flag of Russia.svg Coat of Arrms of Russia.png
Flag Coat of arms
"State Anthem of the Russian Federation"
Anthem of Russia
Russian Federation.png
Location of Russia(green)
Russian-administered Crimea (disputed; light green)
Capital Moscow
Official languages Russian
Religion Orthodox
Government Federal semi-presidential constitutional republic
 -  President Vladimir Putin
 - Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev
 - Chairman of the Federation Velntina Matviyenko
 - Chairman of the State Duma Vyacheslav Volodin
 - Arrival of Rurik 862
 - Kievan Rus 882
 - Grand Duchy 1283
 - Tsardom January 16, 1547
 - Empire October 22, 1721
 - Republic September 14, 1917
 - Russian SFSR November 6, 1917
 - Soviet Union December 30, 1992
 - Sovereignty Declaration June 12, 1990
 - Russian Federation December 25, 1991
GDP (PPP) 2017
 - Total $3.9 trillion (6th)
 - Per capita $27,215 (52nd)
GDP (nominal) 2017
 - Total $1.56 trillion (11th)
 - Per capita $8,664 (72nd)
Gini (2013) 40.1 (83rd)
Currency Russian ruble (₽) (RUB)
Time zone (UTC+2 to +12)
Date format
Drives on the right
Calling code +7

Russia, officially known as the Russian Federation is a Slavic country from Europe that extended from the Ural mountains all the way to Asia. In this day, Russia is currently the world's biggest country bigger than Pluto's landmass. Russia has also the largest nuclear arsenal in the world.


Kievan Rus

Viking explorers who settled Novgorod, took Kiev in 862, and founded Kiev. This empire is traditionally seen as the beginning of Russia and the ancestor of Ukraine and Belarus. To unite the Slavs, King Rurik saw to unite the religion as Slavic paganism was divided among the cites. To do this he decided to seek help from the Byzantine Empire, they were baptized and became East Orthodox Christians and were given a new alphabet. However, the kingdom fell after Mongol invasions.


Muscovy gained independence from the Mongols, and gained control of Central European Russia.


Muscovy conquered Novgorod and formed Russia. Russia went to war with the central Asian nations, and began to expand east into Siberia.

Imperial Russia

Russia conquered Finland from Sweden, all of Poland and Lithuania, Siberia, Alaska, and Ukraine, but sold Alaska to America.

First World War

Russia joined Serbia against Germany, and a communist revolution broke out. Russia was forced to release Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, the Baltic nations, and Poland.

Russian Civil War

During the First World War,the Tsar was overthrown and a republic was established and decided to continue fighting. The communists saw the government as a total failure and started to rebel. The communist succeeded at the civil war and the Russian Empire became the Soviet Union.

Soviet Union

The USSR reconquered everything but Poland soon, and was invaded by Germany. After WWII Ended, the USSR gained eastern Poland and Kaliningrad and created the Warsaw Pact. After the Soviet Union lost the Cold War,the union collapsed and 15 states gained independence including the Russian Federation.

Russian Federation

Soon, Russia became a federation. In 2000, Putin was elected President of Russia and declared a "New Russia". In February 2014, Russia sent troops to occupy Crimea. They annexed Crimea. As of now, they are in a "Cold War" state with the U.S.A. and the European Union.

Official Nations based in Russia

Official Nations related with Russia



Russia might install puppet states in Belarus and Eastern Ukraine. And probably aim for baltics. But recently they just sent thousands of troops into ukraine. So they would get smaller.


In my series, Russia attacks all it's neighbours, failing and losing a lot of land. Later, Russia tries again, having succes. After buying some land to the Ottoman Empire, it becomes the Soviet Union again. The Soviet Union fights in his own side, winning the war. Later, the Soviet Union collapses during a global independence wave.


I personally think that Putin isn't really the best guy in the world... he's trying to form a new Soviet Union and annex a bunch of countries. That's one reason why there's the rebellion in Ukraine.

Putin will probably fail because of how much most of the Former Soviet countries don't like Russia, and the Western Powers will probably take action against Russia too.


Russia will remake USSR with former Soviet countries (Except Western Ukraine and the Baltics) and it will unite with China and Mongolia. They will anschluss Korea and invade USA. They beat USA and the world socialist republic is made.


Russia has a history of rise and fall turmoil and paradise (this is what i personally think of Russia's history) due to current condition Russia may try to get it lands that retain it's culture and go mostly isolationist from the west and have some trouble with it's currency crisis but would go though eventually and go on like it had


I have Russia annexed Part from Belarus and Kazakhstan.Then it made USSR from New Russia(only Donbass),Belarus,Kazakhstan,Georgia and Moldova.Then Soviets splits thanks to democracy revolution.P.S It was weakened also after WWIII.


Russia kills everybody in the world then collapses into those countries: Sealand, Jabril, and Japanese Supreme Empire.

Pezminer12 (MappingPez)

Russia might become the USSR again, or another big and large country.


In my Random Europe Series, Russia collapsed without reason and never came back.


Russia gets invaded by Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. It dies.


Russia will be invaded by Lithuania (Grand Duchy of Lithuania) second time.

Finn Mapper

Russia gets invaded by Sealand and becomes Colony of Great Sealandian Empire.


Ruskieland gets annexed by the Vatican City and will be a colony of Vatican City,renaming itself to the Great Papal Empire.


Russia continues to invade Ukraine and annexes East Ukraine.Belarus joins Russia and Russia,focused on Baltic states,creates WW3 and NATO won.Russia is divided into Muscovy,Siberia,Yakutia,Tatarstan and Far Eastern Republics


Russia will become an empire again and annex Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the Baltics, Belarus and Finland. I also predict that Russia will become the most devastating superpower in the whole world because the United States is most likely going to collapse.

Tenacious Mapping

Russia turns into the Russian Empire, but gets rekt by Latvia and becomes colony of the Great Latvian Empire. But then, Latvian Empire gets rekt by Monaco and Liechtenstein and becomes the Greater Micronation Empire.


Russia becomes an ally of Valkyria Confederation, invades and annexes Ukraine and Finland before releasing Finland like after 8 years while renaming to Muscovite Republic.

Venetian Mapping

Siberan rebels declare independence and gain it and later Siberia take over Russia and later Russian rebels declare independence and form Russian Kingdom