Russia plan

The Russian Annexation of Ukraine is an event that is predicted to happen in the future. After Russia annexed Crimea, Russia will now advance onto East Ukraine and have it under Russian control. Ukraine will then ally with NATO to fight off the greedy Russia.


As Russia has already annexed Ukraine and the Luhansk Province, it will send air attacks to destroy Ukraine tanks. NATO responses with a load of bomber planes from Germany, spies from America, and icebreaker battleships from Britain. The Battleships will travel to St. Petersburg and launch ultimatums onto Russia, spies will infiltrate Russian air force bases, blowing them up, and bomber planes will bomb the attacking planes. Russia responses with an invasion of Belarus. Both Ukraine and Belarus are forced to join NATO to fight off Russia. 

In the current situation at hand, Russia is heading down the road for being declared a Rogue Nation. Whether you disagree or not, it will be inevitable that Russia would be declared an outlaw. Not before a possible WW3 that comes in speculation.

Reactions and Responses

NATO is shocked and sends forces to attack Russia.

The EU kicks Russia from the union and costs it five years of blocking.

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