Rutba was a nation in Multi Mapper's AHOE and AFOE. It is his third Offical nation after Gazientia and Urfa.

AHOE History


The Kingdom of Rutba was formed by the Mesopotamian city of Sarahabia. The nation expanded throughout Mesopotamia. Then, traders from other lands arrived. The Rutban king, Alexander I, asked these traders were they came from. They said they came from a land to the west. The Rutbans began calling this region the levant. Mesopotamia expanded to the north until they reached the nation of Cizre in Kurdistan. The king decided to stop expanding until he could reach the western tech levels of Trezbon and Shirbim.

The Middle Eastern Wars and First Downfall

Rutba was advancing in technology very rapidly by 17 FE. However, internal unrest and negative stability brought about a coup that overthrew Alexander I. The new dictators name was Ammar Boushanid. Ammar decided to attack the other countries to rule the world, which at that time to the Rutbans, was the Middle East. Rutba invaded Jiyeh with 60,000 men in 18. Jiyeh fell in 3 months. The army split in half and invaded both Cizre and Yata. Both also fell on a few months. Then the 30k men invaded Urfa. Urfa fell in seven months, and then the dictator ordered the army to push on into Miracium. When Anatolia fell, Miracium collapsed into anarchy. Trezbon, the only nation in the world with horses at the time, declared war on Rutba in 19. The Trebizond army marched into Anatolia, cutting off 40 thousand troops at the situ of Mentese. The troops surrendered, and Rutba collapsed in a few days, with the dictator killed.

AFOE History

The first republic

The Democratic Republic of Rutba (DRR for short) was formed in 2017 after the ISIS organization conquered Kurdistan. A coup overthrew the US-backed government and a republic formed. Rutba invaded Kuwait for resources and manpower in 2020.

Anti-ISIS coalition war

In 2022, Rutba formed the anti-ISIS alliance with Iran, Israel, and Jordan. When ISIS invaded Turkey in 2024, Rutba and it's allies helped Turkey. 20,000 ISIS troops advanced toward Baghdad to take the Rutban capital. The early battles in the war between ISIS and Rutban scout patrols ended in defeat. When the main Rutban army of 54,000 arrived, the two armies squared off. ISIS lost 18,000 men while Rutba lost about 7,000. The Rutbans marched into Kurdistan with 14,000 men next year. The remains of ISIS's army, 6,000 men, were destroyed with only 3,000 Rutbans killed. After the war ended in 2027, Rutba gained lots of territory in Kurdistan.


When the USSR invaded Europe in 2041, Rutba joined France to defeat Kurdistan and Turkey. The Rutban army smashed the disorganized Kurds at Sanlurfa. A Kurdish army of 78,000 men faced off against 45,000 Rutbans. Due to better weaponry, the Kurds lost 28,000 men and Rutba lost 600 men. After Kurdistan was occupied, Rutba pushed north into Turkey. They soon started pushing into the Georgian SSR, but a nuclear counterattack killed everyone in Europe and Rutba fell

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