Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
المملكة العربية السعودية
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Flag Coat of arms
There is no god but God; Muhammad is the messenger of God
The Royal Salute
Suadi map.png
Capital Riyadh
Languages Arabic
Religion Sunni Islam
Government Kingdom

Saudi Arabia is the largest country in the Middle East and is also one of the driest as well. Not much can be explained about this country Except for the fact it never really got into many wars...But will that end soon? As it is 2015 and many relationships are tearing themselves apart.

History of Saudi Arabia

Arabian Tribes

Various Arabian Tribes fought the Roman empire. After West's fall, it continue to cut down Byzantium when it became...

The Caliphate

The Arabian peninsula becomes Muslim by few followers in Mecca, spreading through the religion called Islam which was founded in 622. Starting to convert the Middle East as Islam, caliphs reigned the Caliphate for over 400 years. Although the Islamic religion is spreading further to India, Indonesia and Africa which they continue to spread at many centuries later, the caliphate was fallen at the 11th century CE.

Ottoman Arabia

Arabian tribes were attacked and destroyed by the Ottomans from Turkey. However in World war 1 they joined the allies and helped the British conquest of the Ottomans. Saudi Arabia was founded in 1932 and has mostly been the same ever since.


Saudi Arabia is a Quiet country. The Arabs there are fine. Its a hot country however so you shouldn't be there for extended periods of time anyway.

Future of Saudi Arabia

It's not clear how Saudi Arabia will live on further on past 2014. Mappers will post their thoughts on this Country.


It is possible that Saudi Arabia would be invaded by America or pressured into a puppet state for its resources. But I agree with the others below me


Since I have no idea on how Saudi Arabia would live, I have created 3 possible theories:

1. Oil runs dry and Saudi Arabia annexes the entire Middle East (Possible, but unlikely)

2. Saudi Arabia remains quiet for years ahead of 2014. (Very Likely)

3. Saudi Arabia collapes later on. (Not Likely)


If a WW3 happens, Saudi Arabia will go with America. 1. They slowly expand on their own (not likely) 2. After an American victory in a WW3, they are given all of Arabian culture lands, and form greater Arabia (likely) 3. They lose and become a puppet of China or Russia (so-so)


Saudi arabia most likely joins a future arabian war against israel but gets pawned once again and becomes a puppet of USA because this time the USA sends troops to help 


The Saudi Arabian government is kinda unstablewhich will cause riots and stuff, but things will go peaceful for a few years.


  1. Arabia conquers the entire Arabian peninsula (likely)
  2. Oil dries and Arabian economy begin to fail (possible)


  • Arabia stays mostly the same. (Possible)
  • Arabia has unstable rulers and eventually falls because of food and water shortages (so-so)
  • They form a new caliphate and conquer a portion of the world. (Unlikely)
  • They nuke everyone and become the only nation left (Almost impossible)

Dementor Mapping

  • Arabia Crushes ISIS and Unites Muslim Countries with help of USA(likely)
  • Arabia's oil is empty because some countries want to buy the oil and Arabia



Saudi Arabia begins to Annex some Nations,forming the Arabi Kingdom.


When Saudi Arabia becomes shitty (is already shitty) after oil runs everyone will flee it and move to Europe as "reefuges".

Iranian Mapping

Saudi Arabia will collapse.