Principality of Sealand
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1967 - Present
Sealand.png Coat of Arms of Sealand.png
Flag Coat of arms
"From the Sea, Liberty"
"E Mare Libertas"
Capital HM Fort Roughs
Languages English
Government Principality

The Principality of Sealand, or simply Sealand, is a micronation and is sometimes called the smallest country in the world. Sealand was founded in 1967 by Roy Bates, with an area of 0.025 km2.

Since 1967 the facility has been occupied by family and associates of Roy Bates, who claim that it is an independent sovereign state. Bates seized it from a group of pirate radio broadcasters in 1967 with the intention of setting up his own station at the site. He attempted to establish Sealand as a nation-state in 1975 with the writing of a national constitution and establishment of other national symbols. Bates moved to mainland Essex when he became elderly, naming his son Michael regent. Roy Bates died in October 2012 at the age of 91.

History of HM Fort Roughs

In 1943, during the Second World War, HM Fort Roughs was constructed by the United Kingdom as one of the Maunsell Forts, primarily for defense against German mine-laying aircraft that might be targeting the estuaries that were part of vital shipping lanes; it consisted of a floating pontoon base with a superstructure of two hollow towers joined by a deck upon which other structures could be added. The fort was towed to a position above the Rough Sands sandbar, where its base was deliberately flooded to allow it to sink to its final resting place on the sandbar. The location chosen was approximately 7 nautical miles from the coast of Suffolk, outside the then three-mile territorial water claim of the United Kingdom and therefore in international waters. The facility (called Roughs Tower or HM Fort Roughs) was occupied by 150–300 Royal Navy personnel throughout World War II; not until well after the war, in 1956, were the last full-time personnel taken off HM Fort Roughs.

Occupation and Establishment

Roughs Tower was occupied in February and August 1965 by Jack Moore and his daughter Jane, squatting on behalf of the pirate station Wonderful Radio London.

On 2 September 1967, the fort was occupied by Major Paddy Roy Bates, a British subject and pirate radio broadcaster, who ejected a competing group of pirate broadcasters. Bates intended to broadcast his pirate radio station – called Radio Essex – from the platform.

In 1968, British workmen entered what Bates claimed to be his territorial waters in order to service a navigational buoy near the platform. Michael Bates (son of Paddy Roy Bates) tried to scare the workmen off by firing warning shots from the former fort. As Bates was a British subject at the time, he was summoned to court in England on firearms charges following the incident. But the court ruled that as the platform (which Bates was now calling "Sealand") was outside British jurisdiction, being beyond the then three-mile limit of the country's waters, the case could not proceed. In 1975, Bates introduced a constitution for Sealand, followed by a national flag, a national anthem, a currency and passports.

House of Bates


Future: Mapper Prediction


It's possible that Sealand could expand. In way that they would make an Island and possibly more forts.

Zukas Mapping

Sealand starts a campagin on the internet to gain more population expands to various sea "objects" around the sea and yeah


Happydance9 thinks that in the future, Sealand manages to create land around the platform, and build an island. They begin speaking a language called Sealandic and gain more population.


Sealand will occupy other forts... and yeah that's it.

Thumboy Mapping

At the end of the second episode of Thumboy's FOE, Sealand dares to challenge a German dominated Europe. In the next episode (coming soon), Sealand and Germany will go to war!



Sealand should become recognised but the sea levels can change over time so sealand would be vulnerable to storms, submerging and all. Sealand's recognition starts around 2050 with Ireland doing it.

The island would be created by sand just like in Dubai, but it would take a few years to get the elevation of 4m, finished by 2043, the peak of the island should be at the estimation of 10m, if a volcano erupts near the station and claims it as Sealand, then it would be at 60m or above but that would destroy the platform itself. but since there is no volcanic chain in the North Sea (almost), it's unlikely to achieve such eruption.

There would be only two streets if Sealand achieved a 30x20m island, the first sealandic soldier can be possible by 2040 as the body guard of the royal family in Sealand, there would be economical establishment and tourism. First notes are printed in 2051 in sealand by themseleves but they are just not real yet but actually the concept of the final design. Since the sea leavel slowly rises, there can be a risk of submerging the Sealandic island itself in 2056.

The first plants of sealand arrived in 2056, as Sealand is protecting some of the plants and exports some of their fish to Britain, but Britain does not recognise Sealand so they called it "Lapiway" and claimed it as a new British island. Immigrations are now legalised in 2059 as the island expends slowly by putting lots of sand, more of the sand are imported from Britain's beaches which makes the beaches almost completely. So instead of importing all of the beach sand, instead they use the sand that is stored from warehouses and stuff.

First sealandic technological success in 2060. Britain and USA recognised Sealand because of the island growth, in a month later in April, nearby Sealandic areas such as Netherlands. The elevation of sealand (its tallest elevation) is now 20m but 19.2m if you count the sea level change. Most of the population became 200, a small and thriving community has begun. Sealandic plant domes are now grown, so tree seeds are stored in the marine area to avoid getting consumed by humans as food, other than that for the resources been depleinished. Some of the baby plants are been exported to tropical areas to slow down the cutting.

By 2062, Sealand is now recognised by Brazil. With sealand been rich, they try to ask the British to have a deal, they buy some of the near Sealand's island (12 miles away from the platform) and costing 600 million sealandic dollars with the reserves having 6.5 billion stored in a Sealandic owned bank in England. A deal is accepted and 5000 people are now under Sealand, causing the population to be 5980.

In my TAFOE, Sealand is supported by France and got the Bates family overthrown. See Sealand (AFOE).


Probably will either stay the same or be bought by the U.K.


Sealand takes ove the earth

JK :)

Sealand gains some land from the United Kingdom however it losed that land 70 years from owning that land but it has a lot of ports and it becomes a military vassal of United Kingdom.


Sealand gets annexed by Dantomkia HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH