Sealand is a micronation back in the 20th century, peaceful but people were overthrown in 2043 and hire 3 new soldiers to manage to defend the small building for them to live and they abolished that they want to establish a new government, the next age have begun throughout the English Channel countries and Sealand is a greatest at time, military is almost 13th powerful in Earth.

Sealand Empire
Motto: "We are no Micronation"




13,122.12 sq. miles




Northern Fascism















The small micronation was established in September 1967 that they wanted to place in but later they have built it before that, for WWII, after that they wanted to create a nation to produce in for the money, they establish when they wanted to and after that the place was used and still in place.


People were worried that the revolution is worse on the attraction, soldiers were hired to remove the prince in the reign, and starting a new leader and wanted to purchase all the money they get and brough some of the English lands, and the new leader has been elected to help support it, finally the population is 3,000 and three soldiers and they start a little life to keep them company, there are three soldiers that were hired, Argenale Buraer, Lile Patcera, and Heiae Ceuteer.

The French Coup

The small republic have been spied by the Monarchy France which is now been set at 2049, that they haven't killed the spy, these three soldiers were met at Lyon, which they have to surrender the spy's execution, and joined them to help it, French reinforcements bring 40 soldiers and one tank to protect the land, but only ten were hired to protect the place.

Modified Capital

The French work boats that came from the radiated Paris is been sent 40 workers to help it, the soldiers were no
Sealand before extent

Sealand during the Coup.

t happy about that building, so they hired them to make a man-made island just like Dubai, but they sent sand from the remnants of the sandpits and allow people in France to ban on access to sand, they need to supply on Middle East and brought shipments and create large sand with lot of islands to work in the capital and The Great Britain wasn't easy on the man made island, they placed on the coast, NASA have took the photo on Earth on the picture and they found the city of Sealand.

Invasion of England and The Netherlands

After the coup, Sealand has taken London and increased by 60% of its population, for the population growth but they have been built walls along the north London to avoid the south Londoners access to the north, trade was banned at the north too, they taken Antwerp then Amsterdam which have been recruited 50000 soldiers per year to make it more powerful.

Declining Military Extent


Amsterdam under the nuclear stage by France while the soldiers are burning buildings.

After the fourth French Revolution the freedom has stated and begun for fire 93221 soldiers and destroy 5096 tanks to reach 6000 soldiers and 100 tanks for defence. And Amsterdam was razed by tanks before the razing, people were sent to prison camps and report more soldiers to be fired and people of Sealand finds the sneaky way on the fascist soldiers and then released prisoners from starving like German camps that wipes Jews in Europe.

Invasion of England and The Netherlands II

During the fascism, more surrendered by Dutch and British, the British soldiers leaves Biringham, the Sealandic population is greatly increased and enslaved 500 Dutch workers to work on the city of Sealand, more are declining and let to attack all of England and Wales on 130,000 soldiers, 200 artillery, 13,000 snipers and 500 tanks, naval battles taken in the English Channel, more are creating southern destruction, now rules are made to the annexed Wales and England.

  • A game may be banned if the battles take place at Sealand will be banned throughout to stop increasing the diplomacy tensions throughout foreign places.
  • Executions made by using disgusting things and also gets on the community service or both.

Fallen Sealand

Their split has begun turning into Socialist Empire of Sealand, Rennes, Oslo, Reyjavik and Brabant. It's known to be the new era alled the SEU Era which is known as the Socialist European Union.


The culture seems to be declining since the offensive culture (tourism), have been slowing down decreasing the culture every year, and losing 400 tourists per year and closer to Ireland and Rennes, because conquest is spreading means lesser cultural rituals have done.