This is now an Inactive Map Game.

Good day, everybody! Fedex, Hernández, and FNM have been working in this game, that is situated in 1545's Japan.



  • You can only have 5 diplomatic relationships (this includes alliances, marriages, etc).
  • 20 players is the limit.
  • For annexing provinces you need to siege them first, it will take 2 turns, then you can annex it in 3 turns.
  • Don't go crazy.
  • The Map Game starts at 1545.
  • Ashikaga Shogunate is BANNED.
  • The commerce works like this:

- Nanban Commerce: It goes with the European, it gives you muskets, but it gives the Christianity, which may give you religious rebellions.

- Naval Commerce: It consist of trading with any nation in Japan that has coastline. The Pirates may pillage your trade routes.

- If you are at war with someone, your trade routes may be pillaged.

  • Natural disasters as earthquakes or tsunamis may happen.
  • VICTORY CONDITION : Hold the shogun capital for 5 turns ( Kyoto ) u must have 10 provinces to attack the shogunate.

Special Nations

This nations have special traditions, which may help them:

  • Shimazu: Masters of the Sword: Their swordmen are the best in all Japan.
  • Mori: King of the Seas: They have better ships.
  • Chokosabe: Masters of the Bow: Their archers are the best in all Japan.
  • Tokuwaga: Diplomats: They can have an extra diplomatic relationship.
  • Oda: The Masters of the Levy: They can get cheaper ashigaru units.
  • Hojo: The Masters of the Sieges: They can annex provinces in 2 turns.
  • Date: Strategists: They win more battles.
  • Takeda: The Masters of the Horses: They have the best cavalry.

If you defeat one of the above countries, you get their bonuses (this only is able for countries without a bonus).

U can make one building to get a pity bonus, but it takes 5 turns ( this only is able for countries without a bonus).


  1. Everyone starts with a tech level of 2
  2. To grow your tech, u must use Techpoints, techpoints give you stability, TechPoints depends of the provinces u own ; Example, Oda gets 100 TechPoints Per turn, while takeda gets 300.
  3. TechPoints Limit is 1000
  4. To investigate Tech, u must have 600 TechPoints
  5. Ikko ikki gets a debonus with a penalization of +100 TechPoints. AI Clans gets tech when it gets to the point
  6. Ashikaga Shogunate stays at 5 TechPoints at start, and grows with the best clan in tech

Manpower System

  1. Special nations ( clans ) get 2.500 extra manpower per turn each province, every nation starts with 10.000 manpower, manpower increases 750 each province.
  2. Each clan starts with an army of 5.250
  3. Special nations have 500 units of his special hability, Date clan obtains a High-Qualified General and Tokugawa obtains 200 Samurais
  4. Each Clan (Nation) Has : 1.500 Ashigaru/Yari ( Light infantry ) 1.500 Ashigaru/bow ( Light Archers ) 1.000 Samurais/Katana ( heavy infantry ) 500 Samurai/Bow ( Heavy Archers ) 750 Pikermen ( Pikermen ) 250 Ashigaru Cavalry ( Light Cavalry ) 0 Samurai Cavalry ( Heavy Cavalry )
  5. TechPoints Gives you tech bonus in battle, every clan has the Tech level of 2. Tech levels gives battle bonus, sieges and minor loses. Example ; Oda clan with Tech level 3 (2.000 army )VS Saito clan with tech level 2 ( 3.000 army ) Oda will win.
  6. U can invest more in Army than in other things, but it might affect your economy

Economic System

  1. The Economy depends of your decisions, Taxes, army, TechPoints,Stability and also Natural disasters
  2. Every nation starts with a Regular Economic state, making your army bigger requires bigger taxes, or more provinces, making your people less happy, making u get a penalization of TechPoints, A low Economic Stability level will make your TechPoints grow slower, Best Economy will make Cheaper Units, And more efficient Production
  3. If your Economy implodes, it maybe lead to a general revolt, u may lost the game.
  4. Being a puppet will make you pay taxes to your master. with a pay of 500$ Cash.
  5. Every non-special nations starts with 15.000$ Cash
  6. Special nations will start with 22.000$
  7. Economic Implode is leaded with : High taxes, counter-income ( lose money ) and bankrupt, The revolt may end with your clan, joining another one or simply making a new regime that u may control

Sieges and Battles

  1. To go at a battle with a country, u must attack him in your turn report, and the battle will be simulated according to the battle system.
  2. Every nation starts with their battalions in the borders. with a quarter of the army each one, u can create new ones and unite batallions and make barriers in the borders.
  3. A siege usually takes 3 turns. tech may help you at higher levels, but its no way to hurry them up at least ur the Hojo clan, or u killed Hojo clan.

Daimyo Honor

What is a Daimyo?

The daimyo is the leader of the clan

How does the honor affects my clan?

  1. Morale of your troops
  2. TechPoints Grow
  3. Stability and Economic Status

How do i win Daimyo honor?

  1. Making Marriages with other clans
  2. Winning Battles
  3. Defeating Countries
  4. Join your ally in his war

How do i lose Daimyo honor?

  1. Betraying your allies
  2. Losing Many Battles
  3. Get defeated in a war
  4. Not joining your ally in a war
  5. Declare war without a good-reason

Then how does the Honor affects me overall, how many i got?

  1. Simple, U start with 100 Daimyo honor,
  2. Betray your allies -50 DH , Losing many battles ( more that 5 in a row ) -10 DH, Get Defeated in a war -15 DH, Not joining your ally in a war -50 DH, Declare war without a Good-Reason -5 DH
  3. Make marriage +10 DH, Winning Battles ( more than 5 in a row ) +10 DH, Defeat Country ( Clan ) +15 DH, Join ally +25 DH

Casus Beli

Diplomatic Insult

  1. Border dispute
  2. Insult


  1. Have a core in an enemy province ( Shimazu can attack ito, Chosokabe can Attack Kono, Oda can attack saito, Takeda Can attack Uesugi, Uesugi to takeda, Date to Mogami, Mori to Amako, Hojo to Satomi ) 
  2. Have a Demand in an Enemy Province


  1. Retake a lost Province

Tribal Conquer

  1. Everyone has this casus belli against Ikko Ikki

Religion Conflicts

  1. A country is Catholic and wants to attack a sintoist country
  2. A sintoist Country wants to attack a Catholic country
  3. Sintoist/Catholic Country wants to attack Ikko Ikki

​Historical Diplomatic Status

  • Hatakeyama- Antagonic japan -50 with everyone
  • Ito - Kyushu Hate -50 With every clan in Kyushu
  • Every nation in the regions :Tohoku,Kanto - Rivalry -25 with everyone in Tohoku, Kanto
  • Every nation in Shikoku : Rivalry - 25 with everoyne in shikoku
  • Ikko Ikki : Ikko Ikki - 100000 Relationship with everyone in Japan

Diplomat Impacts ( By relationships )

  1. This applies to AI clans ( yes, u can negotiate with them. )
  2. To make your relationships good, send a diplomat out of 2 diplomats to the objective country, in 2 turns ur relationship will be 100 ( allows marriage )
  3. Marriage gives +25 relationship
  4. 150 is necesary to Alliance
  5. Alliance gives full relationships at 200
  6. U can give money to best the relationships ( full 50 ) 1 relationship + = 200 $ 50 relationship + = 5000 $


  1. Fedex Mapper - Oda
  2. Flaming Ninja Mapping - Hojo
  3. HernándezMapping - Mori
  4. Knight607 - Chosokabe
  5. XenobladeShulk1503 - Takeda
  6. GenericAP - Mogami
  7. MikiPL004 - Amako
  8. Tonio 321 - Uesugi
  9. Sinder Kinder - Date
  10. Augustolord - Ashina
  11. ManuelMongol - Satake
  12. Nicolas-1979 - Satomi
  13. TLMapping1 - Tokugawa
  14. Java Sea - Azai
  15. Batran - Otomo
  16. TheGreenGuy - Ito ( Turn 2 )
  17. Kosovo mapping - Sagara


  • Mori - Amako
  • Mogami - Hatakeyama
  • Takeda - Ikko Ikki
  • Chosokabe - Kono
  • Uesugi - Hatakeyama
  • The First Great War of Japan: Oda VS Tokugawa


Turns are taken Monday and Thursday


( Turns Finish Friday 5 AM ( (-3 GPM) )


( Turns Finish Friday 5 AM ( (-3GPM) )


1545 Disasters

  • Big thunderstorm in miyoshi and sogo clan, damages cost 500$ to both clans.


  • Oda: Declares War on Saito. Casus belli ; Re-Conquer. Oda starts besieging the province, sends alliance request to Takeda and recruits 500 ashigaru/yari, economically fine. TechPoints Grow commonly, Daimyo Honor doesn't change. Establishes routes with Korea and china , Nanban Commerce doesn't appear yet.
  • Hojo: Declares war on Imagawa. Causus belli: Conquer: Starts sieging one of Imagawa's province and sends an alliance request to Oda, recruits 500 ashigaru/bow. Economy and Daimyo Honor remain the same. TechPoints increase normally. They also begin trade with China and Korea.Nanban Trade doesn't appear yet.
  • Mori: Declares war on Amako. Causus belli; Conquer. Mori starts sieging the south province of Amako, and sends an alliance request to Hojo and Oda. Also, Mori recruits 1,000 Ashigaru Archers. The TP are normally increasing, and the Daimyo Honor doesn't increase or decrease. Mori starts trading with China, Korea, and some Polinesian tribes.
  • Tokugawa: Declares war on Imagawa. Causus belli; Conquer. Tokugawa starts bombarding the territory of the Imagawa clan in hopes of taking advantage of the Hojo-Imagawa war, and thus sends an alliance request to the Hojo, as well as Mori. Also, Tokugawa recruits 1,000 Ashigaru light infantry soldiers. Tech Points increase normally, and the Daimyo Honor doesn't increase or decrease. Due to their rather impressive diplomatic skill, Tokugawa begins trading with China, its Asian neighbor, as well as the most powerful European nation at the time; Spain.
  • Mogami: Declares war on Hatakeyama. Causus belli: Conquer. Mogami begins the siege on one of the provinces of Hatakeyama. They send an alliance request to Hojo and Tokugawa. Mogami recruits 100 archers, but it does not affect the economy. TechPoints are normally increasing and Daimyo Honour stays the same. Mogami signs a trade pact with China and the Joseon dynasty.
  • Takeda: Declares war on Ikko Ikki. Causus belli: Tribal Conquer. Takeda begin to siege Ikko Ikki's only province. Accepts the alliance request from Oda. Takeda recruits 500 Ashigaru/Yari but it doesn't effect the economy much. Tech points increase normally and Daimyo honor does not change. Takeda signs a trade pact with The Netherlands.
  • Otomo: Two years ago, in 1543, Europeans start arriving on Japanese soil. History have told that the Otomo was one of the first to contact the Europeans. (according to Shogun 2 Total War) Otomo was considered the most advanced Daimyo of their time. Already having gunpowder and one of the first to convert to Christianity. However, in this alternate time, Europeans haven't arrived had a good influence upon Japan yet. (end of introduction) Otomo thoroughly invests in technology, focuses on trade with Portugal (who they had recently discovered), and economy. They asks for an alliance with Oda, with promises of trade. They use the extra revenue from raised taxes to build more Pikemen. With their intention to unite the Island
  • Azai: Recruits 10 Pikermen soldiers and doesn't declare war on anyone. Azai doesn't send an alliance request to anyone and doesn't trade with any country. In consequence the soldiers hit the economy and the economy starts going down. People across the clan are not happy about that and the revolt risk goes up, if things don't change, people will rebel in 1552.
  • Chosokabe : Chosokabe declares war on Kono and insults it. Chosokabe builds 6 armies (6.000 manpower and money). It proposes an alliance with Takeda and Oda. This move implodes their economy and the government is forced to enact high taxes. If things don't change, people will rebel in 1546.
  • Date: Date won't do any extreme changes this turn. sends men all over he nation to boost Datean moral. Proposes relations with Oda. builds 2 armies for 2000 manpower and money.
  • Uesugi: Declares war on Hayatekama and only recruits 9 Pikermen soldiers.

Video Simulation :


  • Oda : Accepts following alliance requests : Hojo, Accepts relations with otomo, trading resources and improving the economy. Nanban commerciants appeared in the ports but they are not allowed to sell guns neither stay. they stay a few days and leave, they left a box with 10 Musquets, a paper said " Use them good " and the daimyo gave the musquets to their best generals. the army doesnt increased, the daimyo decides to train betterly the troops and improve their abilities, theyre more effective now, Saito clan is at the point of collapse, the siege continues and theyre fully surrounded. The Oda daimyo give a gift of a musquet as birthday gift to their close friend, Otomo, Oda imyo decided to improve the navy, they join hojo in their war to Imagawa and start invading southern non-occupied places. Economy goes a bit up, Daimyo honor increases 25+ ( Honorable ) morale +10% Rebellions are impossible.
  • Otomo: Focuses on building a navy and fabricates documents for claims on all of the island. To prepare for island unification, the Otomo promises land to those who join it's army. Which will boost up recruitment. The Otomo will also build exploration ships, as they heard rumors of a peninsula not far from Japan.
  • Tokugawa: Tokugawa accepts the alliance request of Mogami. Tokugawa then recruits 500 Ashigaru heavy infantry soldiers. Tech Points increase normally, and the Daimyo Honor doesn't increase or decrease. Tokugawa is prospering from trade with China but even more so from Spain. However, due to this, some citizens of Tokugawa begin to convert to Christianity. The shogun of Tokugawa at the time (I made this up), Tokugawa Kiyoshi, is very tolerant and allows citizens of his shogunate to become Christians if they so desire. The shogunate is a prosperous melting pot of European and Japanese culture. Meanwhile, on the front lines, Tokugawa's forces continue to siege the territories of the Imagawa clan and they quickly surround its capital.
  • Hojo: Hojo continues to siege Imagawa anf has now annexed 1 of their provinces.They train 1000 ashigaru/yari. Daimyo Honor and Economy gets striked by this troops and TechPoints grow normally. Nanban comerce appears and Hojo starts to trade with Spain,which spreads Catolicism. If things doesnt change, people will rebel in 1549.
  • Date: This year Date decleare war on Hatekeyama. They send 80% of their army to the southern front.
  • Chosokabe : Civil war occurs. his turn is skipped and his power descends.
  • Mogami: Mogami sends troops to re-take the occupied area of Hatakeyama, but their offense in Hatakeyama is slowed a little because of this. They ask Date for a royal marriage. Their TechPoints grow normally and Daimyo Honor does not change. They recruit 100 more archers, and the economy has not seen a rise this year.


  • Tokugawa: Tokugawa's forces surround the capital of Imagawa and slaughter everyone in the city. Imagawa is defeated and the clan's territory is split. Tokugawa seizes the left half of the two areas claimed by Imagawa, including the capital of Imagawa, which the Tokugawa troops burn to the ground. Tech Points increase normally, and the Daimyo Honor doesn't increase or decrease. The majority of the shogunate's troops, upon orders from Tokugawa Kiyoshi, move to Saito's territory and attack Saito along with Oda. The shogunate does not recruit any more soldiers this year and thus its economy grows. The shogunate is very secure and prosperous, but war is still going on in the front lines at the Saito clan's territory. Tokugawa Kiyoshi sends a request of alliance to Oda.
  • Oda : Saito capital is destroyed. Saito clan Falls. SAITO CLAN HAS FALLEN, they annex the province. Some Otomo merchants said that their heard of a peninsula near japan. they send a combined exploration to Otomo. Oda starts trading with far Portugal and spain. Oda does recruit 10 samurai cavalry, Economy keeps rising, Daimyo honor stays honorable. Oda also movilizes troops and fleets to prepare a attack to Kitabatake.


  • Tokugawa: At last, the Secret Plan is put in motion. Tokugawa surprise attacks Oda during the night. Casus belli: Conquest. The forces of Tokugawa quickly take over the former border between Oda and Saito, the latter which no longer exists, and cut off the old Saito land from Oda's mainland. Some forces of Tokugawa then guard the Oda-Saito border while others launch a huge naval attack on Oda's capital. The city is burned to the ground, though it is a hard fight and many lives are lost. The Daimyo Honor increases due to the joint-conquest of Imagawa ((which I forgot to point out earlier in the Daimyo Honor)) as well as the burning of the capital of Oda. Due to trade with Spain, Tokugawa hears about Spanish discovery of a New World. Tokugawa sends a fleet of 10 colonial ships to the New World led by Tokugawa Kiyoshi's young 30-year old nephew, Tokugawa Satsunobu. Tokugawa lands in California and after some hard mining and the setting up of colonial infrastructure in their small outpost, discovers gold. Tech points increase a bit more than usual due to this discovery, however word soon gets out back to Japan that gold has been found across the ocean.
  • Otomo: Otomo sends an expedition west and discovers the coast of an island (Jeju). Otomo's expedition sets up a temporary outpost on the island. Otomo is also alarmed that Tokugawa had discovered something so fast. The Otomo discovered gunpowder by accidently confronting European Merchants near Jeju, Otomo is determined to somehow attain this technology from the Europeans. The Otomo, been wanting faster access to the sea, declares war on Shimazu, Casus Belli: Unification of the Island. And sends most of their naval forces south and will siege the capital of Shimazu.
  • Oda : Tokugawa dishonor is not very taken as nothing, and the former troops that remained in the Imagawa lands take over the province that tokugawa used to have, in a quick move to destroy tokugawas economy, Oda moves his fleet to tokugawas capital ports, the damages at the main city are quickly, to put saito off again, a offensive occurs with TAKEDA, Takeda helped attacking in saito frontier, and they reach the castle, Oda discovers Tokugawas plans about this New world and makes a surprise attack in a merchant ship. they get their small quantity of gold and exotic resources. Asks Otomo For aid. They re-enforce Owari as well they build up 500 Ashigaru/yari, this hits economy. Oda merchants are sent in a quick mission to find gunpowder traders, they're successful. they exchange some Items and a army of 200 Ashigaru/Musquet. this hits more the economy, The economy is falling a bit slow, but thats about to see if people rebel estimated in 1555 ((yea, lol)), Takeda also helps firing up the northern lands of Tokugawa, They call Hojo for aid also. Daimyo honor remains constant.
  • Mogami: Mogami ends the war with Hatakeyama and annexes a province. They also send ships to sail West and north, hearing about Tokagawa and Otomo. They discover new lands (what is now known as Hokkaido and Saharin). Their two fleets of ships sailing west get separated in a storm. One ship finds Hawaii, and the other finds Southern California. Though these are major discoveries for the little Japanese nation, their economy drops, and protests break out in the capital in other cities. TechPoints and Daimyo remain normal/constant.
  • Date: as I said, Im resigning. I give my entire Kingdom to the Player of Mogami, as well of my skill of winning more battles.

1549 Events

Europeans start stopping trade with japan


  • Tokugawa: Tokugawa at this point has a massive navy due to increased trade with Europe and the colonization in the New World. Tokugawa's navy sails to the capital city of Oda and continues to shoot cannons at it, killing many. While the Shogun's advisors tell him to abandon the capital of Oda and protect the main ports of his own shogunate, the Shogun refuses and commissions a final attack on the city. Oda's bakufu, a palace of a shogun, is attacked, though the outcome has yet to be decided. The attack is strong and relentless due to incoming supplies from the navy. However, the whole navy is not at Oda's capital; some ships are there and others are helping resist the assault of Oda on Tokugawa's main ports. Tokugawa asks Mogami, Hojo, and Otomo for aid, hoping that they will join Tokugawa's side rather than Oda's. The Shogun promises that if they help Tokugawa take over Oda, Tokugawa will give them a colony in the New World as well as help initiate trade between the three nations. Tokugawa also promises that they will give Mogami, Hojo and Otomo the gift of gunpowder from which they recently obtained from Europe through lots and lots of trade. Daimyo honor stays the same and tech points increase very slightly.
  • Oda: to push back tokugawa at once, Oda Nobugaga lead forces to cut resource routes. other troops are leaded by his son to make tokugawa get back to their teritories. after the succeful mission, Oda keeps requesting help on otomo, a ninja gets into a merchant tokugawa colony sheep. and in the colony the ninja successfully steal information and kills the guy at charge. As well Kitabatake let Oda stealed european ships go to south america. Chile is named to " Odirisa " It gives a improve in economy that lets Oda recruit 300 Ashigaru/Yari, Takeda started entering in Tokugawa lands. They're near to capital. Oda requests for help to Europeans and chineses. Korea accepted, china refused, and Europeans gave Musquets. using muskets. scientists maked Japanese cannons to shoot enemy ships. Tokugawa fleets loses some ships cause this cannons. Daimyo honor remains constant. TECH UNLOCKED: LEVEL 4 (BATTLE TACTICS +50 EFFICIENCE AGAINST ENEMY UNITS) (BUSHIDO/CHI +50 EFFICIENCE ON EVERY SORT OF UNIT) (EUROPEAN CONTACTS +20 LEVEL OF SHIPS)


  • Tokugawa: With a ceasing of European trade to Japan, Tokugawa has lost a key trade partner. With both sides having cannons, Tokugawa quickly runs out of options as their colony doesn't provide enough and Oda closes into their capital and largest city, Yoshida. Tokugawa's people make a mass exodus away from Japan with the navy and most of Tokugawa's territory is deserted. They take everything they can with them, including most of their riches. Tokugawa Kiyoshi gives his throne to Tokugawa Satsunobu and hangs himself. After the secret voyage, The colony of Tokugawa in California expands and becomes the Atarashī Tokugawa Teikoku, or Empire of New Tokugawa. It waits patiently, as it knows that Oda is collapsing from within. EVIDENCE: "if people rebel estimated in 1555" In the meantime, it begins mining gold and building a new capital city where San Francisco is in our timeline. This city is called Shinshuto, or New Capital. Tech points stay constant and daimyo honor decreases due to Tokugawa's loss of their main territory.