Serbatija is the official nation of Drexmapper and its primary used nation. As well as used by other mappers. Its territorial extension occuppies the historical Yugoslavia plus parts of Albania and modern day Italy.


Current map of Serbatija and autonomous areas

Colonial Empire (I can not upload large pictures because of "ERROR: INVALID THUMBNAIL PARAMETERS")--->


The kingdom of Serbatija was originally founded in the 1470's after the collapse of the Serbian Empire. It managed to ravage Croatia and Bosnia from Venice and Hungary, and remaining in a defensive front against the ottomans for over 3 centuries. Eventually, in 1867, the Empire was formally proclaimed and started to invest into colonies, obtaining substantial parts of Africa. It joined the Allies in WW1 because of the Austrian invasion, which led to the collapse of the Empire and the loss of the colonies. Guerrilla warfare developed during 4 years until the allies restored the Empire with its colonies. In 1924, a civil war began due to a communist/socialist insurrection across the country, specially in the recently obtained regions of Albania, Vardar and Slovenia. The emperor was deposed in 1926 and the Serbatijan People's Republic was proclaimed on 30 July 1927. It fought on the allied side in WW2 a swell, with a close relation with the Soviet Union defeating the Axis and obtaining Istria from Italy. However, it remained an isolationist power during the Cold War with deep communist influence that remains until the present times. It joined the SU some time after the foundation of it. Later, it invaded Macedonia and annexed that place, as long as Thessaly and Epirus. A puppet state was created in Thrace and the rest of Greece.

Слава Сербатия!


1,450,000 rifles

700,000 machine guns

8,000 artillery pieces

3,700 tanks

9,000 war trucks

584 fighters

350 bombers

730 assault helicopters

15 paratrooper transports

78 ships

1 aircraft carrier

47 submarines

780,000 active personnel

2,300,000 reserve personnel



Flag of the kingdom of Serbatija (1472 - 1867)

Some flag

Flag of the Empire (1867 - 1926)


Flag of the Republic (1926 - 1927). Unofficially used as civil ensign

SFSR Serbatija

Flag of the People's Republic (1927 - Today)




"With Marshall Tito, the heroic son

not even Hell shall stop us.

We raise our foreheads, we walk boldly

and clench our fists hard.

Of an ancient kindred we are, but Goths we are not

Part of ancient Slavdom are we.

Whoever says otherwise slanders and lies,

will feel our fist.

All the fingers upon our hands, through misery and suffering

The Partisans awareness has created.

And now when we should, to the sun, to the sky,

We raise our fists high."

Allied ON

Serbatija is a member of the Socialist Union, thus it has excellent relations with Britannia, Masorpia, Cheenarn and The Polish - Latvian Commonwealth.

Enemy ON

-Every capitalist or anti SU nation

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