Serbia is a landlocked country in the Balkans.

Borders of Serbia rec. by the UN. (Kosovo in UN control)


16th century

Serbia got conquered by lots of empires through out the 16th century.

World Wars

An event in Serbia happened and started World War I. Serbia turned into Yugoslavia and became communist with help of the USSR. It was on the side of the Soviets.

The Cold War

Yugoslavia collapsed into small countries and finally stopped collapsing into small countries in 2003, when Montenegro declared indepedence and all that was left was Serbian territory.

Present Day

To this day Serbia has a conflict with Kosovo which is trying to become independent.



Serbia will not become stronk but instead become unlucky. A war happens with the Balkans attacking Turkey. Turkey is annexed by them, but shortly after the war allies of Turkey purchase riots in Serbia. The government is not able to handle the destruction the people are causing and the country collapses. The territory is claimed by the countries touching Serbia.

Zukas Mapping

Serbia will annex Kosovo in the near future through negotiations (Likely)

Serbia will go to war with Albania for sovereignity over Kosovo (Unlikely)



Serbia and the US has a war since The USA made camps in kosovo and bases.The Americans sack Montengros Capital and Montengro becomes a puppet,soon afterwards Albania and Croatia enter the war.The US threatends the Serbians so the serbs ask for help.Russia says no since it is too bussy.Greece joins the war along with bulgaria(which betrayed his team mates).Bulgaria quickly loses Sofia and becomes a puppet.Serbia loses Most of south and surrenders.


After looking back to the history books, Serbia decides to form the Balkan Union, In September 2018 candidates such as Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Bulgaria show up however Montenegro and Macedonia don't join to preserve their sovereignty and Kosovo gives up it's northern land to Serbia in return for recognition from Serbia however Serbia gives back the northern land to Kosovo because Serbia promises to recognize Kosovo as an independent nation as well as giving it protection from Albania should an invasion from them comes


A group of rebels attack Montenegro,Macedonia and Kosovo.Then after conquering them they attack Serbia.Serbs ask Russia for help,but Russia refuses and lets the Serbs to die,because they say that the rebels are making Serbia better.During their way they also attack Bulgarians and gain Vidin.After Serbia got conquered,the Republic of Novasrbija is estabilished.

Slavna Srbija

Serbia will most likely annex Montenegro,Kosovo,Republika Srpska and have puppet states such as B&H and Croatia. Have some parts of Bulgaria and give Epirus to Greece as a present. The rest of Albania goes to hell Italy.


Serbia is invaded by the bats and the bats kill the serbian kebab removers and gays.