The Ethan's Conquest of ArceusFan, later named as The Second Great War. This happens when Ethan and Zukas becoming distracting ArceusFan, the fake mapper, it causes and wages a New Great War, which the allies are consisted of the Anti-Guiyii2 Coalition (A-G2C) members and the new Second Anti-ArceusFan Coaluition (SA-AFC) to work things against ArceusFan and his ally, Guiyii2.

It is the second war of Arcy's reasons of why he is not a mapper, meaning that ArceusFan is not a mapper at all, perhaps this could be the truth why is ArceusFan kept going into the wiki. The war is about ArceusFan, Ethan and allies attack ArceusFan to stop him from his power gaining. Ethan is also not a dictator, still a communist as he likes to.

The Second Great War

Allies (A-G2C and SA-AFC)



Multi Mappers



Zephyrus Mapping



Fake YT Account of ArceusFan2013

Guiyii2-ArceusFan Alliance



Dream Self of ArceisFan2013


Nov. 20 2013 - Nov. 26 2013


YouTube and TheFutureofEuropes Wiki

War Goal

A-G2C and SA-AFC: Destroy Guiyii2 and kick ArceusFan2013 out of TFOE wiki.

ArceusFan2013 and Guiyii2: Let ArceusFan2013 stay the TFOE wiki for rage.


Ethan (8600)

Zukas (5000)

Multi Mappers (1950)

HistoryMapper (2300)

MrOwnerandPwner (4000)

ArceusFan2013 (7000)

Guiyii2 (380)

Zephyrus Mapping (980)

Drexmapper (900)

GoldenRebel25 (1950)

Pacifist Movement

Zephyrus Mapping (foundation of UPMU)

Continued on

Sixth Wiki War Part 2


Day I - Blog Attack

Ethan started a blog of argument why Ethan has made ArceusFan into there and reasons he is a scam and wrote the real descriptions, a person who has started making rages around. Later others start to join the war for the movement of attachments. The A-G2C and SA-AFC became unions, known as the Anti-ArceusFan and Anti-Guiyii2 alliance. Making the two empires to kill them.

ArceusFan2013 started to comment thinking he is a "mapper" and he is a democrat which he is fake democrat, and MrOwnerandPwner (who's not formally involved) backed Ethan and later HistoryMapper, Multi Mappers joined in. Meaning that the war is escalating.

Day II - First Raid

Ethan made Destroy ArceusFan Day event due to the intolerance of ArceusFan's lies. Causing others to become worried about ArceusFan's rage, since DisturbedFan is right, his faith is going to get real. As others began believing DisturbedFan and Ethan's theories about ArceusFan, they joined in the war.

Multi Mapper and Ethan promised to make an movement to stop the Arcian Empire scams since Guiyii2 made spams of Slakia and the Arcian Empire. Now that was been used, the penalties will start, meaning that Ethan will have a little chance of victory.

Zukas and a few others realised ArceusFan2013 is actually Guiyii2, Ethan knows it and thinking he may be a fake but has the same IP. As he thought, he was starting to get closer of ArceusFan2013 and Guiyii2 identity. Which may be a chance for having some info on him, making him lucky enough to know ArceusFan2013's real identity, it was Guiyii2.

Arguments spread over, meaning that Ethan is leading a crusade, stopping ArceusFan's attacks, Drexmapper joins the war meaning that the higher probability of killing ArcuesFan and Guiyii2. Maybe Ethan has to stop ArceusFan from becoming the admin of the wiki. GoldenRebel25 joins the war.

Day III - The New Crusaders

Finally Ethan has chatted on 99batran to ignore ArceusFan and why Ethan think ArceusFan is not a mapper and a dictator. This ends the palship of ArceusFan or is it?

Now that Zephyrus and Ethan attacks ArceusFan, will the war stops them? Ethan and allies were no longer mappers from ArtceusFan2013, since he is such a warmonger and was going to kill them, will they stop this monstrous horde?

Now Zephyrus and Ethan loses strength, ArxceusFan continues to push them off with faith, Zephyrus now stated he is Hitler but  communist hater. ArceusFan is starting to push Ethan off the list, will Zeohyrus and Ethan saves the world?

More of the war is happening more further, more arguments on his "Dream Self", Zephyrus knows he was lured or some sort, however Ethan insults on his "dream self", when DisturbedFan (not in the war) sent a message to Ethan which contained DisturbedFan's observations about ArceusFan and his mapping picture.

Day IV - Fake Account

HistoryMapper is making a fake account and now he creates a fake account for ArceusFan2013 then Brandon knows it, and he began to make by that way.

As MrOwnerandPwner and Ethan discussed, the discussion how Ethan thought ArceusFan lies is a virus, MrOwnerandPwner didn't agree, they continue chatting until Ethan founded the multiplayer game and began to accept, but if he refuses the war on comments go on.

Dav V - ArceusFan2013 Gets to YouTube

Now that HistoryMapper creates a fake account of ArceusFan2013 in YouTube, he commented, "Hi, my friend!" then Guiyii2 strikes back the fake ArceusFan2013 but Ethan told reasons to tell. But Ethan and Zukas chat on how to get ArceusFan into the YT account without getting Guiyii2 killing that HistoryMapper made that Fake YT account to pull a trick.

Later that Zephyrus Mapping and Danijel Radosav is making an organisation to bring out the peace, meaning that United Protectors of the Mapping Universe (UPMU) will send peace towards all community and ends the war, they will submit the ban of ArceusFan making this more better chance of shot that ArceusFan out of TFOE wiki or let him to be a mapper. The chatting continues about ArceusFan2013 and why he came in to the wiki, and Zukas and Ethan became to promise not to side ArceusFan2013 again.

Now that Drexmapper, Ethan, Zukas are almost out of the war, will others will end this mighty Great War, if this happens, that people are joining up, the more, the higher probability will end this war. A poll was created to save him or ban him.

Day VI - End of the War?

Since the Great War (Super War) has ended more, people signed the peace, for the link of the causes see this: LINK.

Because of this, they caused ArceusFan2013 into puppet mood, DisturbedFan1100 (not in the war) sees the problems of ArceusFan will get banned from the website, this ends the war for a long time. Meaning the Wiki Wars or Great Wars will eventually ended from November 2013 to February 2014, but they never end sooner, since after 19th February 2014, ArceusFan could be possible to create a Third Great War or maybe the Ninth Wiki War. If that's so, then the UPMU will ban him permanently and meaning the wiki would be slightly less active.


  • Ethan made an event called Destroy ArceusFan Day (DAFD) - 21/11/13
  • Multi Mappers makes an act of stop the Arcian Empire and Slakia spam. (AEaSs) - 21/11/13
  • Rages of ArcuesFan met to Ethan - 22/11/13
  • Creation of ArceusFan2013 YouTube Account - 23/11/13
  • Foundation of UPMU - 25/11/13
  • Peace treaty of the Second Great War - 26/11/13


  • SA-AFC is the supporters and may power Ethan's power bigger.
  • Some SA-AFC members tend to be participated in the war siege, learn that they are actually are hated ArceusFan2013 due to tolerance of his lies.

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