The Second Part of Seventh Wiki War started when Multi Mappers declared war against Arcy. Before the second part of the Sixth Wiki War started, it was when Multi declared neutrality. Arcy saw this has hope Multi and Batran could be his allies. Arcy then tried to join the GMA without permission. Multi refuted his attempts while MrOwnerandPwner guaranteed Multi's neutrality, and then Arcy made a statement to Multi and rebel saying that Ethan should be kicked out of GMA. They refused and Arcy made an organization could UMU. The stages were set for the seventh wiki war.

The Second Part of Seventh Wiki War

GMA, AAA, and UPMU (Allies)

Multi Mappers, Goldenrebel25 (left between day 8 and day 16), MrOwnerandPwner, Ethanconquistador, Zephyrus Mapping and Zukas (Drexmapper gives support)

The UMU (Axis)



Arcy continuing to rage at everybody who happened to be online, formation of the UMU and also the formation of AAA.


Arcy is now officially banned until July.

All peace is restored throughoput the wiki.

The Great Peaceful Era (GMA Era) begun.


January 15, 2014


Ended (1 Week, 2 Days)

Unofficially Ended (2 Weeks, 2 Days)


Cold War

After the Second Great War, the UPMU and GMA were founded to keep peace in the wiki, like the UN and NATO in the real world. It was mainly a lot of mappers against Arcy. Eventually, Mrownerandpwner changed the username of Arceusfan2013 to Arcy, an act of revenge because of how Arcy called MOAP by his real name (Harrison). Arcy made more and more mappers angry until finally, the AAA was founded by Goldenrebel25. Many mappers joined within a couple of days.


Day One: Outbreak

Finally, war broke out when Arcy created the UMU. Multi Mappers, on Wednesday, January 15, 4:03 pm (Standard Eastern Time) declared war against Arcy. 11 minutes later, Goldenrebel25 joined on Multi's side. MrOwnerandPwner then declared war, as did Zephyrus. Multi and Rebel launch hamburger nukes at Arcy.

Day Two: Lies lies and lies

At 9:35pm (Western Australia Time), Arcy thinks the GMA/UPMU/AAA are the axis but everyone else says they are allied, so they might be exact oppisites but he thinks it's true but the "allies" think they are not. More arguments occur all over the wiki.

Looking back...

When MOAP told Arcy that he caused all the rukus...He untruly said that MOAP lied.

GMA, AAA and UPMU attack Arcy with text weapons, nukes and fortifications.

Later the day, the Allies had trashed Arcy's homepage. Not only this had angered Arcy, this had also angered the neutral 99batran. Vandalism in any shape or form is not tolerated in the wikia as happened from the last time. 99batran is feeling that he should break his neutrality and intervene in the war. Despite how hilarious that was. But since he is the owner, it is his responsibility. Luckily, 99batran had held tighter to his neutrality, despite his conflicting emotions.

Day Three: Arcy's Rage

A plan was been planned, by MrOwnerandPwner and Zephyrus. Arcy tries to lie in the history of the war but fails when he is caught by Goldenrebel25.

Day Four to Six: Nothing much

More mappers get angry at arcy.

But a ceasefire was present.

Day Seven: PARTY

Multi, Ethan, and MOAP found that Arcy might be leaving in April. They then had a party. 99batran is confused about the party, though. But later, few mappers started to stop Arcy's plans, as he was tolerating the mappers, few reported him for his removal of their comments they written.

Later 99batran sent a request for peace for UMU and GMA/UPMU/AAA in hopes of saving at least some part of Arceusfan. The AAA and others reluctantly accepts the white peace. While Arceusfan indirectly declines the treaty, demanding it should be in his own favor and threatening to kill himself if not. The Other Mappers stayed their ground and the treaty would form into an ultimatum applying more and more pressure(terms of demands) each time Arceus doesn't agree to it's terms.

Goldenrebel25 leaves the wiki.

Day Eight: The Plan

Goldenrebel25 threatans to leave the wiki until Arcy is gone.

The Allies unleash "The Plan" to end Arcy once and for all. The name of the operation is Operation: Phoenix (Fomerly Operation: About Goddamn time) many people evacuated to Mapping Wiki. The plan was being successfully carried out with people starting to return to this wikia.

After a little while, 99batran finds out what the plan was when MrOwnerandPwner sends an ultimatum about banning Arcy permanently. 99batran agrees to ban Arcy from the wiki.

Day Nine to Eleven: Ends for Now

The war has ended? The seven day for Arcy's establishment of communication has begun.

Day Twelve: PalkiaFan2014

Upon the creation of PalkiaFan2014, no-one knows about him and also he doesn't know about Arcy. Some people believed he is Arcy, but the evidence is difficult, DisturbedFan (Not in War) thought PalkiaFan2014 is a fake account created by Arcy so Brandon don't want Arcy to be banned.

Later, 99Batran told that PalkiaFan isn't Arcy, he compared what they speak. Some believed he's Arcy, because of the names were related, Pokemon creature at the beginning, Fan in middle and finally the year that the account was created.

Day Thirteen: Bans are Temporarily

During the part, Zukas told Arcy he told him for too many times.

Arcy declared to ban Ethan to let 99batran and others influence Arcy's demands. He refused and removed the comment, then a small spam war happened which just says "Remove Ethan and also Remove Arcy" but then Arcy told DisturbedFan to ask 99batran to stop ban Arcy. But he disagrees. So Zephyrus told Arcy about the ultimatum that it was him and MrOwnerandPwner who did the ultimatum deliveries.

Later on, Arcy said he surrenders, but few people say no to surrender for Arcy and continue the terms of banning Arcy. Zephyrus told Arcy to create a communication ways such as Steam or Skype then Brandon told Arcy many times, he needs to create a communication account from either Skype or Steam, if he doesn't, he'll be gone.

An edit conflict has happened, MrOwnerandPwner decided to remove that palship status thing to Brandon and Arcy reverts it back by a conflict.

Day Fourteen: Near End

Whilst Arcy cannot get banned because his demands of staying here forever, the AAA/GMA/UPMU must stop them. Many broke out away, causing too many mayhem, he stills doesn't agree but using Newgrounds.

Day Fifteen: Continuation of Rejections

Because many mappers doesn't want Arcy, Arcy demands not to be banned and let himself stay for years. Many refused, same with the ultimatum changes, then everyone does not stand Arcy anymore for few people until 99Batran approves to ban Arcy or not. If not, the wiki will be in turmoil.

Day Sixteen: Arcy is Banned

99Batran blocked Arcy. Everybody is happy, and Goldenrebel25 finally returns to the wiki. The war is over.

Day Twenty: Arcy is Back

Arcy somehow goes commenting even when he is blocked. Multi thinks he hacks. It's possible that Arcy talked with Wikia staff to help him to go back to the wiki.

However, 99batran invited a wikia staff by the name of Sannse to the TFOE wikia in help from the problem of the block(temporary).'

It turns out that he can still comment but is blocked. It was eventually fixed by MOAP.


While Arcy had made his way to the community central and the Mapping community wiki, in the Community Central, he wanted to be un-banned. Since the community Central is for serious stuff such as adopting wikis, one of the wikia staff closed his blog and as well his conversations since he's making the conversation filled with drama of begging to be un-banned from TFOE wiki.

After that, Arcy is no longer here again until Guiyii (Arcy) made Ethan talk to Arcy.



  •  January 5th 2014: Ethan and Zukas won the UPMU elections.
  • January 6th 2014: Arcy returns from the holidays.
  • January 6th 2014: Arcy begins to insult Ethan and Zukas because he wanted to vote 99batran.
  • January 9th 14: Arcy starts to insult Ethan due tp constant changes to his information.


  • January 13th 2014: Mappers start to use text pictures to attack Arcy.
  • January 14th 2014: 

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