Sicily in 2367

Sicily '(Turkish :' Sicilya) is a state under Italy and near to the Greek-

Turkish Empire. There's two regions in  Sicily . An island named Cona and a peninsula named Isla .

Declared Independence

After San-Marinese, Ingentian invasions and WWIII. Italy was revived in 2285. But in 2367, because of economical issues, Sicily declared independence from Italy.

After 2400AD


Official Flag of Sicily

Sicily's future was pretty cool because he succesfully invaded some countries. But before then, future map revives into a current map for no reason (2388) (That's pretty weird). But the time doesn't changed. After some invasions Sicily declared independence again (2403). But then the WWIV started.

World War 4 (2404-2424)

There was 6 sides in World War 4.

Blues: Spain, France, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, Belarus, Romania, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Libya (in) Slovenia (later left the war)

Reds : Iceland, Gibraltar, Scotland, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, Kazakhstan

Yellows : England, Ireland, Brittany, Portugal, Morocco, Prussia, Denmark, Pommerania, Poland, Bulgaria, Russia


Sicily during WWIV (with Green)

Purples : Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan, Kuwait, Israel (collapsed) Cyprus,Iran

Greens : Georgia,Armenia,

Azerbaijan (left the war)

Oranges : Switzerland, Czech Republic, Latvia (in) Albania (collapsed)

Sicily support blues in this war. There wasn't so much invasions in the beginning. But after the Swiss invasion, the war became very serious. Then he became an empire Swiss Empire.


Sicily after left the war.

After then, Swiss Empire became a superpower. Sicily thought that he was in danger from Swiss Empire. He succesfully invaded Albania and Tunisia. Then Iceland became very strong and invaded African countries (except Morocco) and Arabic Countries became a union (Arabic Union) to survive but it failed. After Sicily took a tiny collapsed land, Sicily left the war.

Reason: If Sicily wouldn't left the war, He would be annexed by Swiss Empire.

After Sicily left the war , the countries left the war from country to country. Oh , and Spain and Portugal became a union (Iberia).

Romania: He can't invade someone.

Czech Republic: Surrounded by Swiss troops.


Europe after WWIV

Swiss Empire: Had enough land. After all Europe left the war . World War 4 ended.