Inf shit

Silver is a relatively new mapper, who started in early june. He was inspired by MOAP and Disturbedfan1100. Derphogs videos don't seem to be getting any better XD. His official Nations are Galorok and The Vordaic Empire.


Silver has had an amazing life, little to no bullying, and awesome parents. There really isnt anything you can say to him that will truely offend him. He always sticks up for what he believes in, and will always defend his friends (however when its 2 of his friends fighting, he chooses the side he thinks is right). Inf always likes to try to make his friends laugh, which can be hard to do with his real life friends. That's why he fits so well into this mapping wiki.


Silver was exploring youtube one day when he came across alternate history hub (not mapping i know). He became fascinated by it and saw a video by MrOwnerAndPwner in the suggestions. He decided to check it out and thought it was outstanding! However, MOAP hadn't uploaded in a while and Derphog had already seen all of MOAPS videos. Next he found DisturbedFan1100. When he found him, his inspiration lit up. He decided that he would start too, and join the wiki to see if he could meet all the famous mappers, and he did and has been mapping ever since.



Friendly: +10

Funny: +20

Stays up late with me: +10

Allies: +50

Total: 90 (Allies/Pals)


Funny: +10

plays atwar a lot: + 30

Screams when i try to heal him in TF2: +10

Jigglypuff: -3

Always my ally in atwar: +15

Rick Roll'd Lolistan XD:+10

Nazi Galorok -10000000000000

Total: 72 (Great Friends) or -10000000000000072 (I H8 YOU M8)


Funny: +10

Likes potatos: +15

Zephyrus.exe: +30

Screams when i heal him in tf2: + 10

Total: 65 (good friends)


My inspiration: +20

We always get in taco/burrito/nacho wars XD : +20

Hilarious: +10

Always neutral: +5

Nice: + 10

Total: 65 (Good friends)


Funny: +10

Got to learn some things about him: +10

Neutral in civil war: +20

We rick rolled him XD: +10

Makes good FoEball comics: +10

Total: 60 (good friends)


Funny: +10

Believes my trio theory: +30

Nice: +10

Neutral in civil war: +10

Total: 60 (gut friends)


Funny: +10

First person to believe my trio theory: +30

Nice: +10

Neutral: +10

Says "of" a lot: +10

Tried to stop the war: +5

Total: 65 (good friends)

Redirect mapping:

Nice: +10

Romanian: +5

First person to make Galorok a super power other than me: +40

Awesome national anthem: +5

Total: 60 (Good friends)


Told me to kill myself: -100

Yelled at thumboy and called him boring: -20

Tried to claim all of Anatolia: -10

Total: -130 (Dreadful)

More to come

Things Inf hates (from least to most)

10. Hackers

9. swallowing water wrong and having a coughing fit

8. People who kill animals for fun or have no remorse for having killed one

7. People who annoy me

6. Trio

5. Yellow jackets/wasps

4. Hitler

3. Stupid people

2. Parents who bring their screaming children everywhere/badly behaved children



"PRESS R TO GOOD!!!" -Silver watching his friend play a game.

"Surprise Sweggings" -Silver playing hide and seek in minecraft.

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