Sinpan is a nation from MikiPL004's AFoE series and his main nation.


Long before Sinpan in Turkey and the Middle East ruled many countries such as Great Arabian Empire, Great Minoania and New Persia. Arabian Empire was almost destroyed, but then war between Great Minoania and New Persia broke out. During the war a revolution occurred and six nations were set free (symbolized by 6 stars on the flag): Miracium, Byomania, Antlyonia, Tikolia, Azovia and Sinpan, of course. In next great wars, many countries were united. Azovia conquered lands on the north and became Zapadrussia, Miracium still held its land. However Sinpan won with other countries in the area and finally eliminated Great Arabian Empire.

During the Great War against Uriant, Sinpan stayed neutral until was invaded by Uriant's vassal. Peace was eventually signed, but when Uriant started to lose he counterattacked. When the enemy started to nuke countries, together with Zapadrussia he built a time machine and that's how second season of series started.


Flag: Red-Blue with 6 stars, country shape and white arrow turned left

Sinpan Flag

Location: Northcentral Turkey

Capital: Sivas

Population: ~125 Million Sinpanians

Language: Sinpanian

Military Focus: Navy/Medium Ships

Economy: Tourism and Uranium Mining

Best Unit: It Amfivio u6

National Animal: Camel

Currency: Platinum Ring

Sinpan on Nationstates:

Baguettenia and Sinpan
              Sinpan at maximum extent (red colour)

Candidate for Anthem

Sin pan01:48

Sin pan.wmv

Song created in 2011, before formation of Sinpan, has remained unknown until early 2015. It is probably in Spanish, but whatever. Other candidates are not known, so it's the unofficial anthem right now.

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