The sock monster is, you guessed it, an evil sock. Many countries/countryballs/mappers worship the sock monster, and when they do, they get unlimited power. No one has seen the sock monster, but we know he is there. The sock monster can possess people, for example, it possessed Vordalkienball once, and he received madly amazing power. And when you make fun of the sock monster, you'll wish you were never born. 

Countries who loves the Sock Monster

  1. Archeldia

Countries who Fear the Sock monster

  1. Vordalkien
  2. Uman
  3. HBE
  4. Pyzantion

Countries who worship the Sock Monster

  1. Helvali
  2. Daronia
  3. Serbatija
  4. Zapadrussia
  5. Happy Hungry Kingdom
  6. Pylion (Not the main religion, but a very high population of the people there worship the Sock Monster)
  7. Sentrakion
  8. Lennystan
  9. Olgoria
  10. Novasrbija

Mappers who worship the Sock Monster

  1. Goldenrebel25
  2. The Phoenix Mapper
  3. Zephyrus
  4. Asdf Mapping
  5. TheBronyPenguin
  6. Tolf
  7. Ceplio
  8. RazvyDaGuy