Kingdom of Spain
Reino de España
(De facto)1516 - Present


Capital Madrid
Government Unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy

Spain is a constitutional monarchy in southern Europe. It is fifth european power, but it faced a huge economic crisis recently.



Oldest known human clues of habitants in Spain date back to 1,2 million years ago. Country was occupied by different cultures and human species since then. The first advanced culture to appear were Iberian people. They had their own alphabet and weapons. Later, in 2,000 BC celts came to norht and east Iberia. Those tribes lived in peace until colonizators appeared in 800 BC. They were the Phoenicians, the first civilization to appear in Spain (there are clues of an older and native civilization in southern Spain, in Guadalquivir river zone). They were followed by greek colonizers, and then, carthaginians. But carthaginians didn't wanted just to trade, they invaded the peninsula. Rome helped natives in exchange for receiving Catalonia, and Iberians accepted, so Carthage was pulled out. Rome also annexed all other colonies. In some point, Rome switched sides and attacked iberian natives. They resisted until the battle of Numantia, in which Iberians nearly lose all weapons. They hided in modern-day Cantabria and resisted Roman attacks until 19BC, when they captured and murdered their resistance leader, Viriato.



Spain loses Galicia, Baske country and Catalonia, but when the king dies, people rebel and invade all those countries, including Portugal, renaming the country to Iberia

Thunder Mapping

Spain dies and is forgotten forever


Spain becomes communist


Spain become Uspannia as a presidential dictatorship


It collapses.


Spain loses Basque Country, Andalusia and Catalonia in a war. In that war, Catalonia gains Valencia and Balearic Islands, Andalusia gains Murcia and Mérida (South Extremadura) and Basque Country gains La Rioja and Navarra.

Spain renames to Castille, and later Galicia remains free from Castille, gaining, in a war, Asturias.

Spain is finally Castille.


Catalonia and Basque Republic become independent. Portugal annexes Galicia. Spain, because of its problems, it might become communist.

United Kingdom Mapping

Barcelona becomes independent. Spain and Portugal unite to form West Iberia.


Spain collapses under Proxima rebels and Proxima was formed.


Spain gives up catalonia to independence

Spanish Mapping

Spain gives up Catalonia to independence.

Spain and Portugal unite: Iberian Kingdom.

Iberia annex Catalonia.


Greater Gibraltar becomes independent after the regime of Francoist Spain ends.

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