Thermendiom Flag

Flag of Thermendiom, the official nation of Spotty2012

Alternate Timeline of Europe Episode 1 Thermendiom Rising03:38

Alternate Timeline of Europe Episode 1 Thermendiom Rising

Spotty2012's irst mapping video

Screen Shot 2014-04-03 at 8.15.01 PM

Thermendiom at its maximum extent

Spotty2012 is a mapper who was inspired by his friend Goldenrebel25. Thermendiom is the official nation of Spotty2012.



Thermediom is an island nation located in Greenland, the United Kingdom, Ireland, part of the Iberian Peninsula, and part of Switzerland. It is a powerful country that has defeated five enemies, three of them simultaneously. It has taken land from two countries without a fight.


Werder is located in Russia. It conquered Quendor, a vastly larger country, then went to war with ten other countriessimultaneously, defeating eight of them.

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