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I discovered mapping in January, 2014. I watched videos of MOAP, Disturbed, Batran, Golden, etc. Mapping was an interesting kind of YouTube videos, and it had a good family like community, so I've decided to 'join the crew' in late June, 2014. I made my first video a little after I joined the wiki.

Stuff about me

I was born in 1998. Dec. 5. My Youtube Channel is: My Skype name is starring94.

Other things I'm interested in outside of mapping: Programming (Java, C++, VB, etc.), Gaming, History


I will not make these like everyone does (using points), instead, I will write a little 'critique' about them. If you want me to add you to the list, tell me in the comments.


In my opinion he's a good leader for the wiki. His series is really good, and because its long going, there's a lot to watch. On Skype he overreacts the name changes, and I don't like that. He makes good arts, too (he made a Civ5 country emblem, and it looked really cool). So in the end I think he needs to change some things, but he's a good guy!


His series are the most advanced, and although he doesn't make much videos in a small time, when one comes out, its pretty entertaining. On Skype he's friendly guy, he helped me to join the Mapping channel on Skype.


He doesn't make (A)FOE videos any longer, but the older ones were good. He's pretty much on Skype every time I join, and we can talk a lot. Also he's a good AtWar player, at least in the matches I played with him.


He was the first mapper I watched, and his long going series is really good. Although he uses Paint, he's pretty good with it, and I like that. Sadly he doesn't really chat with us, only in comments on the wiki.


I like him, we usually/sometimes talk in chat together and we have fun. Although he's obsessed with Belfrug, I don't care unless if he stands against my GALACTIC EMPIRE!

Finn Mapper

I don't really talk with him, but I like his videos, and he was the first who introduced outros (Golden's one is Credits).


Sometimes we see each other in chat, and talk about something, but aside that I don't really know him. I find it funny that he uses PowerPoint for his videos, but everyone can do whatever they want. I don't really like the fact that he's obsessed with his nation.

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