FrancoSpanisianConfederation flag

The Francospanisian Empire!


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This is the flag of the Francospanisian Confederation,the Strongest Military Power on 2014-2035, in my series!(Youtube account(Sakis569)

My favorite Empires from my Series

  • FrancoSpanisianConfederation(Empire)
    Arab Empire flag

    Arab Empire Flag

  • White Russia(Greater Belarus)
  • United Greece
  • The Serbatijan Empire
    White Russian Flag

    The Flag of White Russia

  • Arab Empire

Alliances In my Series

  • Francospanisian Confederation

Formed in 1st Episode:France-Spain-West Germany-Lisbon-Sicily-Saharan State-Cuba-Guinea-United Republic of Switzerland-Belgium

  • Arabic Military Alliance

Formed in 4rth Episode:Saudi Arabia,Egyptian Empire,Lybian Principality,North Sudan,State of Judea,State of Palestine,North Yemen,Island of Cyprus.

  • United Power of Europe

Formed in 4th Episode: French Empire, North Spain, Roman Republic, Prussia, Bavaria, Belgium.

  • Former White Russian Union

Formed in 4th Episode:Moscow, St. Pettersburg, Crimea, Ukraine, Siberia, REast Siberia, Ural Federation.

 5 # Strongest Nations

5# FrancoSpanisian Empire

  • 190.000 Airplanes F-16 Falcon-Stealth types
  • 5000 Submarines
  • Over 2000 Atomic Small Bombs
  • 15.000.000 Personnel
  • 40000 Tanks

4# Arabic Empire

  • Unknown Airplanes- only 40 airplanes seen flying
  • Secret Military- Don't know the actual numbers

3#Coming soon-

  5# Most Effective Revolutions

5# The Revolution of Korea

  • Made Korea a Kingdom and gave her All Korea and Manchuria.

4# The C.S.A Revolution

  • Made the Confederate States independent

3#Revolution of Istanbul

  • Made Turkey a small, but strong Fascist State

2#The White Revolution in Moscow

  • While the Belarussians were besieging Moscow, the Civilians revolted and made Moscow into Belarus, actually a Civilian Made the WhiteRussian Flag.

1#The Revolution of Athens

  • While the Arabs Had the city,the Athenians Revolted and actually gave time to the White Russians to kill the Arabs from Caucasus,actually ended the World War

5#Top Leaders 

5# King George of France

  • Made France the FrancoSpanisian Empire leading member.

4# Prince John of Serbatijja

  • Won agaist Austrian Forces in Danubes, reaching as far as Liubliana

3# Prime Minister Ilias of Greece

  • Made Greece the United Greece, Conquering all Turkey, Bulgaria, FYROM and Albania

2# King chin of Korea

  • Leaded Korean Forces from Seoul to Bejing

1# King John of Spain

  • Conquered all Cuba, Guinea, traveled across Africa to Southern Italy and Sicily, Never losr.