This is the Dialect used by starring94. It derived from the modern dialect, and its second version has features from the NickHD Dialect.

It is currently only used in starring94's New Alternate Future of Europe series.

Features of this dialect

Version 1

  • The basic Modern Dialect's features
  • Curved names (full uppercase)
  • White and gray speaking
  • Lighter color for occupied territories
  • A more lighter color for support
  • Capital cities (with yellow marker)
  • Administrative regions
  • Fleet shown in the map

Version 2

  • Basic Modern Dialect Features
  • Text box with flags and country names - background according to the current technological age
  • Curved names (full uppercase)
  • Universe memory (nations can get 'memories/history' from other mapping or other (ex. NationStates) universes)
  • Three colors for wars (dark - main territory, normal - occupied territory, light - newly occupied territory)
  • Regional unions with shown borders
  • Map texture (not yet shown)
  • Current year (not yet shown)
  • Fleet shown with lines (not yet shown)

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