The states areformed after the war and claim indapendence, and Talin has claimed some of it in part 8.



Before Talin invades the states, the states claim indapendence and create the Russian State Empire, and brings 27 - 30 nations in it, and 14 - 17 are named, and 10 - 11 are unknown names, the war has claimed since 2234 AD.

The War and The Tybers invasion

Talin has invaded 5 states and ended by peace, for 39 years, The Tybers have taken 22 states and 3 survived so they invaded and joined the Soviet Union, and the states have no longer existed.


Battle of St. Petersburg - 8,000 survived, 500 captured.

Battle of Kola Peninsula - 70,000 survived, 400,000 dead, 40,000 injured.

Alternate History

  • If the states were not created, Talin will be easy defeated by The Tybers.
  • The second is the States formed a Russian State Empire, makes Talin too hard to invade it.
  • And the last is The Tybers never get the states, and been formed a Russian State Empre and destroys The Tybers and splits into states after 50 years.